I found gold, it’s called “Fish and Chips”.

Today I decided to buy Fish and Chips by myself, for myself.

Words by Etsuko Makino. Photography by Neil Hamilton-Ritchie.

The shop board easily caught my eyes while I was walking on the street.

I already finished breakfast and lunch. Now I’ll have to wait for dinner…
No no no… I can’t do it.

There are so many Fish and Chips shops around but usually all of them are delicious. No need to worry about the taste.

Ok, I am going to buy one secretly today…

I slid into the shop with such a mischievous grin, making an order while keeping my cool. Act normal I thought. The shop keeper has no idea I am bouncing up and down inside.

I wait impatiently. My nose twitches to the smell of fry and my mouth is fills with saliva. My ears hear the sizzling and crackle of the deep fryer. It’s getting hard to act normal.

So I forgot this isn’t really a snack. It’s a meal!
But it’s too late now, I’ve already ordered and there’s no possible way to change. I have to eat it all.

My mind races with thoughts as I wait.

The chips, now shining a crispy golden, are drip dried from the hot oil and salt thrown over them for taste. It looks like it’s almost finished.

I checked around and found a nice beach over the road.
What a nice place to eat. This is where I will eat it all, all by myself.

What a delightful plan.

My new friend passed the paper-wrapped baton to me and I exited holding my heavy snack.

Even though I have eaten it so many times before, every time I open the rough wrapping I get so excited.

The wrapping reminds me of a Christmas present.

This is it! I’ve already decided the first one to eat.

This chip is fried a little more and a little smaller than the others.
In my mouth it feels a little bit hard but it makes me fall in love.

The end has begun when I start to eat first one because I can’t stop eating it until I finish it.

I can’t eat slowly. Even though I’m not worried if others try to steal it.

Alright so I have come to the conclusion that this snack is delicious when it is hot. This snack is amazing just fresh from the deep fryer.

The strong taste of gold which makes my heart more excited.

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