“We have never thought we couldn’t.”

Meet the 74 and 85 year old youngsters.

Words by Etsuko Makino. Photography by Neil Hamilton-Ritchie.

Suddenly, two people appeared in front of me. They were wearing familiar bags and clothing that I am used to. I often see this scene but something was different here. In this moment I was so surprised by their profile while they were waiting at a pedestrian crossing. These people were not 30 to 40 years young backpackers. There was no kidding, they were definitely grandparent age. I couldn’t stop myself to talk to them.

Katie, 74 & Morris, 85

Their names are Katie and Morris. They told me they just got back from hiking today. Timidly, I asked for their age. They were a 74 and 85 year old couple!

Their step was light and vibrant, more so than a tired office worker, and their posture and actions were that of a young person.

They have always enjoyed outdoor sports and once they used to enjoy sailing on their boat. These days they enjoy hiking and traveling in their spare time.

Normally 70 to 80 years olds don’t like to go out and prefer to stay at home. But they were totally different. How could they remain so active?

They tell me in chorus ♫

“We have never thought we couldn’t do anything because of our age. We can do anything if we want it”

This woke me up in an instant.

They continued…

“You guys still have 50 years of life, so you can try to do anything too!”

They spoke with a big grin and they seemed so satisfied and proud with their life. I thought, I want grow to be like them. This is a fine example of living a long fulfilling life.

Life is long journey. While we can’t avoid our bodies from aging, we can avoid our minds from aging with them.

In the end, the people who can enjoy life until they are old may have a good understanding of life. They know how to enjoy the simple things and just keep doing just that.

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