Township Committee: 5/9/2017

These meetings can be pretty boring at times — so I’m here to give you a brief walkthrough of what happened at the meeting and what you need to be aware of.

New Scoreboard coming to Cedar Drive football field

John Cifelli (President of Colts Neck Youth Football & Cheer) gave a presentation on the proposed scoreboard replacement. It is going to be a 6' x 16' LED display in forest green on the west side of the field. He’ll be applying for a construction permit.

It is going to be a bad year for ticks

Mike Viola gave a presentation on behalf of the Wildlife Committee on the trends in deer populations. Last year there was a 33% increase in the harvest (killed deer) which was the highest in 5 years. There was a decrease in deer-related motor vehicle accidents. Lyme disease dropped, but was up in surrounding towns so don’t get too excited. White-footed mice are the largest carriers of ticks with lyme.

Potential addition to the community center

Committeeman Tom Orgo gave a brief presentation on a proposed (and earmarked @ $150k) 50x50' addition to the community center. The addition will need to be re-considered because the original designed placement does not work due to land use restrictions. They will be re-thinking placement and potentially increasing size to 70x50' or even 50x100'. They will be asking the sports department for more feedback on what would benefit them.

Also to be aware of

  • Cycle for Life is coming back: Apparently last year this event passed through town and wasn’t too popular, but this year they’ve made amends and will be back. The event is on 10/1. If interested registration is $25 with a $200 fundraising requirement.
  • JCP&L will start on Monday with low-flying helicopters to do line inspections which will last 2 weeks. Don’t be alarmed.
  • Verizon is installing a bunch of new fiber lines.
  • The planning board has approved a doctors office for the old firehouse on 537.
  • A lacrosse program is being looked into for the town
  • Looking at the cost for a shade tree to cover the visitors bleachers at the baseball field which apparently get very hot.
  • Clean-up day was a success. Lines were long but 293 tickets passed through for 63.5 tons of waste.

Upcoming events

  • June 19 @ Huddy’s, CNBA (Colts Neck Business Association) is having a Tony Robbins seminar
  • Fireworks will be on July 3rd at Bucks Mill (CNBA looking for sponsors)
  • 5/16 @ 7pm there is a college planning session at the library
  • 5/17 @ 2pm there is a showing of “Hidden Figures” at the library

I hope this helped you!

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