Announcing the CLN API/SDK

One of our goals at the CLN is making access to blockchain technology easier for the masses to engage with and use. This task entails understanding the challenges of each participant and understanding how to provide the easiest access to the network’s capabilities from the issuer, developer and end-consumer perspectives.

Over the last year we have received many inquiries from CLN holders and fans that wish to launch their own community currency. This is why today we are announcing a major building block for the CLN — our API/SDK that will eventually provide the means to easily integrate CLN community currency features and capabilities & help solve technical barriers that had prevented easy integration in the past.

Using the API/SDK will mean any existing product or service will be able to integrate blockchain features like holding and transacting in community currency, interact using CLN liquidity, distributing tokens to their users, incentivising loyalty & behavior alongside other capabilities that will be added to the network over time.

It is our goal that developers, organisations and entrepreneurs that use the API/SDK can get the full benefits of decentralization without having to do all the heavy lifting. All of our infrastructure is open-source and we have invested a lot of time, and leveraged our past expertise, to ensure we develop the right architecture that can be scalable and interoperable with the blockchain ecosystem.

Here’s what you can expect over the next few months:

  • Community currency issuance — We are currently working on adding issuance capability to our Dapp and allow any user or organisation to launch their own token using CLN. This is a first step required in order to obtain access to the API/SDK. Community currency issuers will have a very streamlined experience in the issuance that will provide them access to the features of the network.
    Release — Q3 2018
  • Inventory manager — This important building block will allow any issuer to create a server that manages and distributes the community currency based on any business logic created by the community manager. In a decentralized world the issuer usually needs to provide some services in centralized way and for this we want to create an easy to use server implementation that could be customized to the issuer’s needs — more details on this soon.
    Release — Q3 2018
  • API/SDK — We will be releasing our developer program over the course of August, if you have any inquiries or you would like to be the first in line to access the SDK, please register by filling in a form clicking here or below and we will provide an early peek into our program.

Register for early access to API/SDK here >>

More updates coming soon — Have a nice August!

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