We are pleased to announce Bradley Tusk is joining Colu as an advisor

We are excited to announce that Bradley Tusk will be joining Colu as an advisor.

Bradley Tusk is the Founder and CEO of Tusk Holdings, which includes Tusk Ventures, Tusk Strategies, Kronos Archives, Ivory Gaming and Tusk Montgomery Philanthropies.

Bradley has extensive and valuable experience working with and investing in startups. Tusk Ventures is one of the world’s first Venture Capital Funds dedicated to help startups tackle regulatory hurdles, and work with companies like Uber, General Assembly, and Zendrive.

Bradley Tusk has worked for well known Fortune 500 companies Google, Walmart, AT&T and Expedia, as well as media companies AMC, NBC News, The Weather Channel, Discovery and Cablevision. He helped Mike Bloomberg win the 2009 Mayoral Campaign and he is the man behind the defeat of the proposal to cap the number of Uber drivers in New York City.

One of the major goals we set up to achieve with the CLN, is to utilize the power of cryptocurrencies to further empower local economies by creating better, transparent monetary systems, as well as strengthening mutual responsibility in communities. We believe by doing so, we will be able to encourage local spending and keep increased money circulating in the community, thus multiplying the local economic activity.

Mr. Tusk shares this vision. His support will help make it reality.

In his own words:
“Cities spend so much time and money trying to promote and grow their local economy. If there’s a tool to help you do that, that doesn’t cost taxpayers anything, that’s pretty great. It’s a way to promote the local economy, build a sense of community and cut down on fraud and corruption. I really think that Colu is in the early stages of something very transformational”

With Bradley’s experience around expansions, operations and local governance we know Mr. Tusk will help us expand and get Colu to a city near you.

You can also read Bradley’s regular column for Inc. Magazine and The Observer, as well as listen to Bradley host the podcast, Firewall.