Columbus Craft Meats: No Baloney

When did it become OK for your lunch meat to NOT taste like meat?

At Columbus Craft Meats, we say this is not OK. We think this is baloney. We believe meat should be crafted not contrived, infused with passion not parts, and made to enjoy not endure. Simply put, we believe you deserve meat that tastes like meat — turkey that, surprisingly, tastes like turkey; ham that tastes like ham.

Taste is the most important thing here at Columbus. We’re not going to add or remove any ingredients that compromise taste. Our master craftsmen spend their days slow-cooking and curing our meat until it’s ready. We don’t rush the process to get more salami out the door (for a faster profit). We don’t chop up our deli meat, mix in other parts and then press it back together into perfectly formed circles. And we don’t use the cheapest ingredients available hoping you won’t notice the difference. We notice the difference. All our meat, spices and other delicious ingredients are carefully sourced to enhance the flavor of the high-quality meat we start with — whole muscle pork and beef and 100% whole chicken and turkey breasts.

Like most things in life, crafting meat is a journey. We’re constantly learning, listening and adapting (read more here) We’re moving to antibiotic-free meat, shifting to naturally occurring sources of nitrites/nitrates and simplifying the ingredients in our products. As we do this, we will continue to craft the same delicious, award-winning meat that our customers have come to expect from us for almost a century.

We aren’t perfect; we don’t pretend to be. But we’re moving in the right direction while staying firmly anchored in our passion for giving you the best meat we know how to make.

If you agree, we’d love to hear from you at Join us in our crusade for the best quality and taste.

And for the love of meat…say no to baloney.