Kind Columbus
Feb 7, 2018 · 2 min read

About Kind Columbus

The concept of kindness can seem simple, but it leads to powerful experiences and profound human connections.

The mission of the Kind Columbus initiative is to build community through acts of unconditional kindness. By amplifying and enabling empathetic and compassionate actions, Kind Columbus will create a ripple effect of kindness that continuously inspires and fuels community members to do more good for each other and the community at large.

With grants from their foundation, Bob and Peggy Walter are helping to create the Kind Columbus initiative. Explaining his passion for spreading contagious kindness, Bob Walter said,

“I think what we’re trying to do is to get people to be kind every day and to be thinking about that in every social situation, not just in a crisis… we have a responsibility to help lift other people up because we all have been lifted up.”

We believe that kindness matters. Not only because it creates positive interactions, but it also aids resiliency and strength of both individuals, and the communities they are a part of.


The idea of Kind Columbus was born after seeing the success and inspiration derived from the Gifts of Kindness fund at The Columbus Foundation.

Kind Columbus first began to branch out beyond the gifts of Kindness Fund in February of 2017 when a partnership was launched with Besa for a 30-day long effort deemed Give Kindness Columbus Month.

As opportunities for the initiative to become an annual program began to grow, a 30-day campaign began to grow into much more.

Today Kind Columbus is focussed on doing good in Central Ohio with plans to grow efforts and programming focussed on grant-making opportunities, youth education and programming, scholarships and special projects

Kind Columbus

Building community using the power of unconditional acts of…

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