Media Study Project Topic

For my media study project, I would like to write about the social media app Facebook. This app is one of the most used forms of social media. It is also targeted for all age ranges, not just younger audiences like most other social medias. Facebook encourages people to keep in touch with friends, and to post statues, and pictures that express themselves and their opinions. This app also exposes users to current events and really shows how they and others are effected by them. Facebook has really changed how people communicate and interact with people, and have changed cultural norms in our world today. I will use the cultural factor for supporting my argument and will also use either the technological or econmonic factor. I am looking forward to learning more about Facebook, and dive how facebook has shaped our world in many different ways. Also I am very intersted in the hirstory of facebook and the influences and purposes for why the app was created.

Some potential research sources: