SprEadability aND New overUseD mEmeS

There are certain expectations that we have in life. For instance, when I make a trip out to IKEA, I expect to leave with a box of dark chocolate hazelnut cookies. When I get a message from my grandmother on Facebook, I expect to be linked to a video of a cat. When I recieve a snapchat from a high school friend named Ethan, I expect to indulge in one of my favorite trending memes- the “send nudes” trick of 2016.

This meme, which has infiltrated snapchats, instagram, vine, and twitter posts alike, is excecuted through video. Typically, the shot begins as a calm collection of an everyday scene, perhaps a table set with a bowl of noodles, or an herb grinder filled with (legal smoking herbs). A few seconds after the shot has been established, the camera will jolt, usually following a trail of the point of focus off camera, ie. a splashed forkful of noodles that have now been dropped on the floor. As the camera pans to show the mess, the viewer can see that the spilled items have been rearranged to spell out a discreet message: SEND NUDES.

Whether the message is spelled out in spilled sprinkles, expertly raked leaves, or fallen French fries, my friends and I have yet to grow tired of the meme. We happily tag each other in “send nudes” vines, have written it on birthday cakes, and will even call each other to outline the meme-themed snapchats we have recieved but can’t save. For the girls, it is a clever way of mocking genuine requests from That Weird Kid From That One Party’s or Some Guy From Tinder’s that have snuck their way onto our snapchat friends lists. The boys, I believe, poke the same fun at the new societal norm of asking potential suitors for a 4-second-dissapearing-shot of their naked body. Regardless of who you decide to send the clip on to, the spreadability factor is outlined by the very creation of the videos: they are recorded with the purpose of being seen and shared. This is a common sentiment amongst all vines and most Facebook mini-movies, but not all themes- memes?- live on to be shared and tagged an iMessaged. But for now, it seems that asking for nudes and gaining internet popularity go hand in phone.

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