The movie Koyaanisqatsi seem to reflect more as a spectacle or attraction than neo-realistic. I would have to say so mainly because of the camera shots of the breathtaking landscapes throughout the film. Those definitely fall under the attraction category. Also, for the spectacle part, the shots of the man made plants and explosions easily fall under the spectacle category. The definition of neo-realistic is “a national film movement characterized by stories set amongst the poor and the working class, filmed on location, frequently using non-professional actors.” Koyaanisqatsi does not fall under neo-realistic because there were no actors at all really, there were people being filmed while they worked, but it did not seem to be an acted out scene, the men were truly working. The movie seemed to attempt to show the beauties of nature, along with the industrialization of mankind along side with it. I believe this because mostly when they showed an industrial plant or another type of scene with human beings working, it was adjacent or built in with an incredible scene of nature. There was one shot in particular of a serene beach, however when the camera panned over there was a gigantic industrial plant of some sort build on top of the dunes behind the gorgeous beach spot. The movie could have been trying to send the message that we are destroying the environments that we live in, or it could possibly be attempting to portray the beauties of nature and mankind’s evolution alongside nature. This film was like no other film I have ever seen before, the use of no characters or vocal lines (except for the occasional “Koyaanisqatsi” with the orchestra playing in the background) really made the viewers see the film in their own unique way in my opinion. There was not plot to grasp, and people needed to use their imaginations in order to understand what the film was truly about.