The Thong Song

I recently shared was the music video Sisqo’s Thong Song.The music video is a 90’s music video about thongs. I shared the video with my best friend who I haven’t seen in a long time. I originally shared the video with her because I thought it was a funny parody music video. Later, I learning it was not a parody but a very popular song. The thong song was very popular as a single and on YouTube it spread rapidly gaining over 65 million views. I found the music video on YouTube on the SisqoVeVo channel after hearing about it from my sister. According to what Jenkins, Ford, and Green call “spreadability” the thong song is very spreadable. The Thong Song was on an open space where anyone on the internet could find the video. The online internet platform YouTube Provide an open space that allows for easily sharing a video. On YouTube videos can be shared multiple ways via email and other social media. Lastly it is also surprising and intriguing so it’s designed to be spreadable. In my opinion I agree that surprising and intriguing things like the thong song are spread because they are entertaining or out of the norm. the thong song does not come up in conversation with me and my friend but I thought it was interesting enough to share. But it does play a role in conversations online and across the nation about feminism and how women are treated like sexual objects. 90’s music videos like this when compared to things like Anaconda there hasn’t been real progress. Content in videos and music hasn’t really changed but there is now a conversation that spring from video like this one. Every once in a while I will watch the video again and still forget it was a serious rap song.