How Give Something Back to Berlin Connects Refugees and other Migrants

An interview with Annamaria Olsson, the founder of award-winning community project Give Something Back to Berlin

The team of Give Something Back to Berlin

For episode #6 of The Community Podcast I talked to Annamaria Olsson, the founder of Give Something Back to Berlin; an award-winning project that connects refugees and migrants from all backgrounds through knowledge sharing.

It all started with a Facebook post in 2012. Today, GSBTB is a team of 13 people that enables thousands of newly arrived Berliners get integrated in society.

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You’ll learn about the following in this episode of The Community Podcast:

  • The story of Give Something Back to Berlin: how Annamaria got started and her learnings from the past 5 years
  • The journey of growing from a grassroots movement to a team of 13 people
  • Why GSBTB treats any migrant the same way, no matter if they arrived from New York or Syria; and how that sets the groundwork for its community
  • The importance of empathy, patience, funding and many other things that made Give Something Back to Berlin to the community it is today

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