How To Reduce Social Media

Kristoffer Tjalve
May 31, 2019 · 2 min read

12 creative ways to reduce social media consumption from the annual co-matter survey

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Once every year we capture a global perspective on what brings people together in The State of Communities. These days many of the people we talk with are discussing their relationship with social media, so we decided to ask them directly if they had done anything to reduce their social media use.

Below are some of their answers.

  1. I delete Instagram after each usage so I have to install it again.
  2. I hide apps in folders.
  3. I don’t save my password so when I come back I have to think twice before I engage again.
  4. I turned my iPhone colours grey.
  5. I tried different extensions to hide everything from vanity metrics (likes, retweets, followers) to the feeds.
  6. I run out of battery on purpose.
  7. I’ve to read 30 minutes before I allow myself to use Instagram.
  8. I choose to have a windows phone.
  9. I’ve removed some apps like FB or Emails from my phone already two years ago
  10. I don’t take my phone with me in social settings (dinners, parties, etc).
  11. I got rid of followers, friends and the likes on digital platforms and bought more guitar gear and vinyls.
  12. Sleep more.

What have you done to increase or decrease your social media usage this year? Take part in our survey until June 20th to contribute your view. The final results will be published in the State of Communities Report by the end of summer.

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