Introducing The Community Leadership Summit

Join us on September 7 in Copenhagen to devise how communities can make a real world impact.

The word community has become meaningless today. Similar to other concepts that became buzzwords, like “authenticity”, it’s been overused, torn out of context and became a word that means everything and nothing at the same time. From a box of cereal you buy to a hashtag you follow, anything and everything aspires to be a community today. So what is it, really?

We’re entering the post social media age. The last 10 years have been defined by a rapid advancement in technology that gave us constant connectivity. Mobile devices and social media platforms enabled us to connect to anyone, anytime, across the globe — resulting in a whole new culture of sharing, self-representation, information access and entertainment consumption.

It was exciting when it happened. But the cards are shuffled now. The key players in the field are established. What was once a playground for exploring new ways of interacting with each other has turned into a battlefield of marketplaces competing over our data and attention. Advertising has taken over, again. There’s nothing new to discover here.

We’re ready for the next chapter.

What the social media age has left us is an incredible stack of tools and technologies. Within minutes we can create websites, groups, surveys, campaigns and events, start causes, join causes, communicate, follow, share, find and connect with like-minded people from around the world.

Movements like #metoo and #NeverAgain have showed us the impact that happens when people come together over a shared purpose. Countless other initiatives, from local neighborhood projects to global initiatives like the Obama Foundation, use the democratization of digital tools and technologies for social change.

The infrastructure is set. We have more powerful tools at our hands than ever before. We only need to learn how to use them to make a real world impact.

The Community Leadership Summit is a place where we aim to explore these ideas further. It’s a one day summit where we devise how to use the tools on our hand to make a real world impact and develop guidelines for anyone to start a community or movement tomorrow.

Our aim is to gather 100 community organizers from around the world to share their experiences and co-create this playbook. In order to achieve this we’re looking to bring people together over a diverse range of backgrounds, expertise and professions: activists, technologists, marketers, communication specialists, strategists, researchers, organizers, founders, CEOs, professors, investors, philosophers.

People who bring people together to create a real world impact by using the tools and technologies available to us now and in the future.

Are you one of them? Then send us an application and read the full briefing about The Community Leadership at Techfestival. Attendance is limited to 100 people to ensure we have high quality interactions.

#mood — Last year’s CPH150 Summit at Techfestival Copenhagen.

The Community Leadership Summit takes place on September 7 as part of Copenhagen’s Techfestival, an annual festival that explores the relationship between humans and technology.