Compassion & Aggression — Yin & Yang

Healing through the Hurting Game — JKD

Most people have an apathy for physical movement brought on by years of domesticated civil life which does not require strenuous activity. So exploring combat & martial arts is just to become fit or to be able to defend themselves against assailants. There are also those who seek the philosophical aspect in order to evolve as an artist and an individual. The exploration of one’s primal combative capabilities while treading the philosophical path has a cathartic effect on the minds of individuals. So whether you’re grappling with stress, anxiety or depression, JKD’s holistic training methodology will help you kick ass when need be and be healthy & happy otherwise.

JKD — Holistic Healing of Body, Mind & Spirit

Jeet Kune Do is a holistic art which is more than just fighting and the spirit of the warrior. It is about using the tactical understanding of combat and Bruce Lee’s principles to solve one’s problems and deal with the troubles of life. The holistic nature of JKD brings body, mind and spirit in harmony thus accelerating healing in the individual. The simple yet effective movements move the body through all ranges of combat. The regular sparring brings to the fore repressed psychological issues, which are then dealt with via cathartic contemplative meditation.

Myths & Traditional Martial Art Healing

Traditional martial arts are clouded in myth and there are many beliefs that are not corroborated by modern science. Magical healing stories abound in many traditional art forms which are unproven. And mental health issues have always been assumed to be possession by evil spirits. At ICS, however we use modern scientific principles, focusing on improving musculoskeletal fitness, neuromuscular coordination and the endocrine system of hormones to regulate metabolism, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood, among other things. Once an individual’s natural ability is thus upgraded, he will be far healthier and will also respond better to modern medicinal treatment with minimal reliance on allopathic drugs. Thus it can help with both psychological and physiological issues.

Can the Differently-able be trained to Fight?

Bruce Lee believed that as long as a (wo)man has two hands and two feet, he will fight in the same way. JKD is an art tailor-made to the individual and therefore any one can be taught to fight regardless of physical ability or disability. Just as different animals in nature find different ways to fight as per their uniquely shaped bodies, so can the differently-abled. JKD allows the seeker to explore movement without restriction in order to find the simplest, most direct and effective physical expression.

De-addiction and Rehabilitation

Traditional martial arts offers a rigorous regime that will help the addict/alcoholic bring discipline into his/her chaotic life. Often though, such a fragile and sensitive individual will not respond well to a regimental traditional system. JKD, on the other hand treats each individual as unique and the training is tailor-made to the student’s needs including physical ability and psychological state of mind. This carefully titrated learning process is precisely what the individual needs to unravel and evolve.

Nagging & Chronic Aches & Pains

People with all sorts of chronic and/or acute issues have benefited greatly from the individualized training of Jeet Kune Do. At ICS, we have students, who have rehabilitated from ligament tears and slipped discs. Those on asthmatic medication since early childhood, have learnt to take control & manage their disease with minimal intervention. Middle aged men with hypertension & blood pressure issues have also found the training to be very helpful. Senior citizens who are plagued by joint pains, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome are better able to manage their mobility with a smile.

Therapy for Sexual, Mental And Emotional Abuse

The combat art of Jeet Kune Do is a study of fighting. Of conflict. Mental and emotional disturbances are essentially conflicts within the mind or with other individuals or systems. These conflicts often reflect in sexual problems and physical or mental abuse. Such problems can be solved with better understanding of conflict, when to avoid it and when to confront it and resolve it. JKD strengthens the individual spiritually to be able to recover from past trauma and better tackle current conflicts and issues.

Compassion & Aggression in the same breath?

Unlike common perception that compassion & aggression can never be explored together, JKD brings the ‘spiritual’ and ‘martial’ aspects together in harmony. On one side, the student’s aggression is increased to help him/her deal with the troubles of modern life and to combat one’s own insecurities and issues. Simultaneously the individual is schooled in compassion and kindness thus bringing about balanced growth and evolution in each individual. While traditional and sport martial arts are competitive in nature, JKD practitioners, use sparring as a medium for contemplation & growth, and do not engage in competitions. It is believed that the greatest opponent is one’s own self.

Teacher vs Instructor

JKD is a highly spiritual art engaging in full contact sparring. People can have many inherent psychological problems which are revealed while sparring. Once they are revealed, they can then be corrected under the guidance of a teacher. There is a clear distinction between a trainer and a teacher. A teacher of combat teaches the student to practice the arts in such a way that they are useful in every area of their life, whereas an instructor merely demonstrates correct form in martial technique.

The JKD journey for Beginners

Regardless of age, there is no need to start with softer arts and then move onto harder arts. Progression in Jeet Kune Do is always gradual and as per individual’s ability, aptitude and attitude. JKD is always taught with the philosophical perspective, and not merely as a form of exercise or sport. So it is physically and intellectually challenging while being spiritually satisfying.

Our programs are taught as per a systematic curriculum with specific modules of theory & hands on learning. Training is scientific and personalized — one instructor per student and the entire gamut of fitness, combat training, diet, weight management, meditation, counseling and survival training is imparted to each individual.

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