NEVER ever get Bullied again! Learn How.

Life is a fight, but not everyone’s a fighter. Otherwise, bullies would be an endangered species. ~ Andrew Vachss

Bullying rears it’s ugly head in the news every now and then as an overt incident. Students take their own lives, unable to cope with the trauma. It is mostly expected to be prevalent in the growing years of a child’s life, predominantly adolescence. So one assumes that it ends after the teenage years. However after researching many people who have been bullied, it becomes apparent that those bullied never really recover from the trauma. Some go on to become bullies themselves. Most choose to distract themselves by ignoring it, ‘moving on’ with their lives without ever resolving the issue. Unresolved issues always rear their ugly head sooner or later and will resurface uglier than ever.

Bullying v2.0

Those of you who never experienced bullying in the early years, may be naturally dominant. However there is no guarantee that this will remain in the later years. For the years can change a person and with mounting pressures of life, problems, health and crisis, it’s only a matter of time before even dominant individuals become submissive and prone to bullying. While these situations are unlikely to lead to suicide, it often results in anxiety, chronic stress, paranoia, depression and other mental disorders. Add to this the lifestyle disorders that sedentary jobs bring and you have a lethal combination. Inability to juggle professional commitments with personal relationships can cause even more havoc in an your life.

The Many Faced Bully

The bully has no name or face. They take many forms but they will dominate you and attempt to force their will upon you. While the word ‘bully’ does bring images of the biggest kid in the playground, it doesn’t end there. Close family, relatives and friends may seek to enforce their opinion on your life decisions using peer pressure. Bosses or colleagues at work may use force, threat of demotion or coercive tactics to enforce their will. The big SUV in traffic may cut into your lane using sheer size to dominate. You may find yourself driving someone around town when you really didn’t want to and are left wondering how they got you to agree to it! And looking deeper, you begin to see that it need not even have a face. The overwhelming stress of modern life can leave you feeling helpless and oppressed.

Learning to say NO!

Saying ‘NO’ to bullying is easier said than done. Seminars, pep talks and motivational speeches will only scratch the surface but for lasting change, you will need to change at the primal body-mind level. Thus it is imperative to bring in a fighting discipline which helps you uncover the courage and conviction that lies hidden, repressed or bullied. The instinctive fight or flight response is that level at which this kind of reprogramming needs to take place. While you find that it seems like too much of a commitment, think of the consequences of not doing anything at all. Turning the other cheek will likely make you a martyr and ignoring it will require you to endure the odds long enough for the bully to lose interest in you. By then in all likelihood, you will be bruised, battered and beaten in mind & spirit if not in body. Only a change at the primal instinctual level brings about a lasting catharsis that will ripple through other areas of your life — personal, social or professional.

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