Turbocharging Lawyers with Artificial Intelligence

Andrew Arruda and his team built ROSS Intelligence to level the legal playing field and provide justice for all

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Aug 27, 2019 · 6 min read
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Andrew Arruda, CEO of ROSS Intelligence

After completing law school, Andrew Arruda was serving as a community lawyer fighting for marginalized citizens. It was there where he saw first-hand how many people opted to fight alone without legal representation due to the sky-high costs. He believes more money shouldn’t lead to better justice. With a focus on protecting the most vulnerable people in our society, he became determined to create technology to level the legal playing field and make services affordable and efficient for everyone.

Founded in 2015, ROSS Intelligence builds technology to help everyone gain access to the best legal outcomes by reducing the hours spent on legal research. ROSS’s AI-powered legal research service is the fastest way for lawyers to find all the relevant law they need for important cases, reducing research time by 50–75% and enabling them to focus on delivering excellent results to their clients.

Today, ROSS is in use at the world’s largest law firms, at mid-size and boutique firms, and in solo practices.‍ In addition, the software is provided free of charge to lawyers on the front lines who work in neighborhood clinics and take on pro bono cases, just as Andrew provided when he was a lawyer.

What was the inspiration for creating ROSS Intelligence?

Help us understand the traditional process of legal research.

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Lawyers can focus their research by emphasizing the unique facts of their case as well as finding authorities with the same procedural posture presented by their case. Searches that took attorneys hours, take minutes with ROSS.

How does ROSS augment a lawyer’s research process?

Today, ROSS is used by attorneys at the best firms across the United States, from the largest full-service corporate law firms to boutique litigation firms and sole practitioners providing affordable legal services to members of their local community. On average, our software reduces the total time spent on research by 50–75 percent. More importantly, it uncovers crucial legal concepts that even after hours of research on other systems, an expert attorney might overlook. In that way, we’ve provided an affordable, intuitive piece of SaaS tech that lets lawyers completely re-imagine their legal practice, doing more than ever before possible.

How did you and your team turn your idea into a viable business?

Furthermore, since many of our earliest team members were practicing attorneys, our approach to product ideation and validation benefitted from a deep understanding of the problem and the drawbacks with existing solutions. As a result, we have been able to create a best-in-breed Natural Language Understanding search system.

Since our first clients were some of the world’s largest law firms, we could work alongside big organizations as we tested our deployment and pricing models. From there, as the product continued to mature, we could recruit industry leaders from several related industries who could then implement established best practices into our organization.

Now that lawyers are saving 50–75% of their research time with ROSS, what are they doing with their reclaimed time?

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Highlight specific language in a case and ROSS will use artificial intelligence to find other cases discussing the same point of law. Attorneys can quickly strengthen their position with additional cases that have language similar to helpful authority they’ve already found.

What do you know now through the process of building your company that you wish you knew before starting?

What was a surprising lesson you learned as you went to market with your solution?

Visit ROSS Intelligence to learn more about their technology.

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