Our Series A Investment in Automat.ai, a Leader in Conversational Marketing

Cong Ding
Cong Ding
Jun 8, 2017 · 2 min read
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Over the past few years, consumers have increasingly shifted their attention to messaging platforms such as Kik, WeChat and Facebook Messenger. Businesses will need to follow their migrating communities, and create new conversational experiences that are authentic, engaging and non-spammy.

As with any new platform, there’s a ton of healthy experimentation happening. Trust us, join the Bots Group on Facebook and your newsfeed will never be the same. But as investors, this also increases the difficulty in finding the exact right mixture of team, tech and vision. That’s why, after many months of learning from the bot community, we are excited to announce that Comcast Ventures invested in Automat’s $8.3M Series A financing. Amy Banse, Managing Director and Head of Funds for Comcast Ventures will join as a Board Observer.

Applying AI to Conversational Marketing

Companies have long hoped to talk directly with their customers, fans and followers in a scalable way. Automat’s Conversational Marketing platform lets brands and marketers have one-on-one conversations with their communities in a highly relevant and personalized manner, which allows companies to improve services and collect meaningful and granular data.

To do this successfully, customers must be genuinely engaged and interested in these chats. Therefore, Automat focuses on helping companies create high quality and natural dialogue.

Excellence in Delivering Technology and Product to Customers

Automat has signed impressive deals with leading brands such as L’Oreal and National Bank. Through their work with CoverGirl, Automat successfully implemented the first bot influencer marketing campaign on Kik.

The team also demonstrates a deep understanding of its customers’ needs from both a product and technology lens. Automat partners closely with its early customers to successfully create, ship and improve unique conversational experiences.

In addition, Automat recognizes the importance of tactfully applying deep learning to build a marketable product. The platform uses a field of artificial intelligence called reinforcement learning to solve the problem of optimizing a conversational marketing funnel with numerous linguistic paths.

Clear and Strategic Vision

Andy Mauro, CEO, has a clear vision for growing the company and furthering Conversational Marketing. Automat’s strategy truly showcases the extensive insights from the team’s collective decades of experience working in voice and AI technology.

We are excited to support Andy and his team at Automat as they further the Conversational Marketing category and continue to connect companies with customers.

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