Business Markets Update!!! #2

Hi this is Darrel Gunn coming to you live from the bedroom ;)

People often ask me

“Darrle how are such an accomplished businessman?”

While my accomplishments are extrordinary (seriously I make more in one day than most will in one year) I really don’t work very hard. My money does. It works for me 24/7, 365. There are’nt any labor laws on cashflow.

Relaxing with my shareholders ;) (Evenn my dog owns strocks)

I rememver when I made my first million dollars. I was sitting in my bordroom and the earnings report for a very risky strock came out. There was a lot of negative consumer reports coming out on the company around that time. The kind of reports that make you lliquidate your assets ASAP. and the market was turning on them (business jargon) before this report came out, really tanking the price. But i made a look into my guts and said “this

ones going to ovweprfrom market valuations. “

Turns out they did. Big time. Ivestors returned to the makrets and I kicked my feet up as the share price soared. Monday, May 4th, 1986, at 4:32 p.m. I was, on paper, a milinnoare.

As a young ivestor my instincts were to sell the stocks and go buy steaks right then and there. But I knew I had to execute the ivestment strategy. I held on to these shares for years and this compny actually ended up making me many millions. I used the profits to diversify my portfoli and reduce risk, allowing for a consistent and stable cashflow (that makes me more in one day than most make in one year — sereously)

So if you’re every doubting youtself remember to make a look into your guts and listen to them. Even in the face of a panicking market or unstable 3 month outlook. What happens in your guts matters. Mine made me a millonaire.

Follow me for updates on business jargon and advice on the strock markte, and maybe one day we could swing some deals togrether. And if you’re every around give me a shout. Lets talk numbers