Grab Your Pals and Make a Movie this Weekend

Chatting about Stampede: A Weekend Comedy Film Challenge

Stampede person-in-charge Eric Rousseau explains how it all works

“Stampede is The New Movement’s Weekend Comedy Film Challenge. Teams will carve out a weekend of their life and totally dedicate it to making a comedy film with a run time of 5 minutes or less. Teams draw random prompts on a Friday at 7PM, and have until that Sunday at 7PM (when the films are due) to make a film based on their prompt. Then, with very little turn around, we screen the films in front of a live audience at 9PM that same Sunday at TNM. The audience will vote on their favorite. We’ll also invite a panel of judges from the film community, who will choose their top pick as well.”

On where the idea came from:

“From the inception of TNM there has always been a strong history of film and filmmakers tied to the community. Truthfully, this idea came at the request of community members. They wanted to see a competition like this, as well as a deadline oriented reason to make videos.”

On what separates Stampede from other 48 hour film festivals:

“Stampede is completely and totally about creating comedy film — that’s pretty unique in 48 hour competitions. On top of that, some 48 hour competitions have a blanket prompt that all teams are assigned, so you see 10 different versions of the same idea — that’s not what this is at all; every team has a different prompt. In addition, the turn around time we have from when prompts are assigned to when films are screened is contained to a single weekend, which isn’t always the case.”

On what the first Stampede was like in Austin and New Orleans:

“We did an initial test launch of Stampede in Austin during Fall 2016 to see if the community would dig it, and to work out the logistics. The initial launch was a HUGE success and screened to a sell out crowd. We worked out some of the issues we found last fall, brought it to New Orleans in Spring 2017, and the NOLA TNM community was just as receptive — and at that point we knew we had something special. There’s no doubt about it, this competition is 100% about celebrating the talents and bonds of our community — but we’re also welcoming of other comedians and filmmakers! There’s no pre-requisite to registering a team, so anyone can sign up to compete. In addition, we’re working hard to weave Stampede into TNM all year long — not just the competition, but also winners featured during pre-shows, and hopefully even some festivals.”

Finally, on when we can expect more Stampedes:

“As it stands now I think we can expect Stampede to be an annual TNM fixture in both Austin and New Orleans. Due to the grueling nature of the competition, I’d expect two Stampedes a year — one in Austin, and one in NOLA, BUT, I think we’re putting just enough time between the competitions that maybe this becomes something like Megaphone Marathons where we see NOLA TNMers traveling to ATX for Stampede; and ATX TNMers traveling to NOLA for Stampede. There’s a lot of possibilities, and it’s all very exciting, but it’s become pretty clear that Stampede definitely is a natural fit with TNM.”

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