I Fishin’ Love This Song About F*cking Called “Fish”

The perfect song makes you feel something. It makes you think. You can’t get it out of your head. There’s something special about sharing it with a friend who’s hearing it for the first time. And it’s usually about f*cking. And the most perfect song of all time is all of those things and more — it’s “Fish” by Craig Campbell. Behold:

Behind twangy guitar twangs Craig explains how “the first time we did it, he was scared to death” conjuring up images of a virgin man, plopping his “line” inside his very first partner. Craig likes to think he’s tricking us into thinking he’s talking about fishing. But no real man has ever been nervous about going fishing at his favorite lake. Something is up. And when he mentions that she “put his hand on his knees and said I can’t wait” you know they are not talking about intercourse because people don’t talk like that.

But when he says “we had everything we needed in the back of my truck” the audience thinks uh-oh. Oh no. We’re all thinking “I know what rhymes with truck”. But here is where Craig catches us sleeping and buries the song-writing dagger deep through our chest.

We had everything we needed in the back of my truck. 
Turns out my baby loves to 

…He’s definitely talking about fishing now and turns out he’s been talking about fishing the entire time. Craig Campbell is the country M. Night Shyamalan, and Fish is the redneck 6th Sense. Turns out the fishing rod is a literal fishing rod. Going down by the dam means going to the barrier that impounds water that is perhaps located south from wherever Craig’s favorite lake is. Her hooks and her sinkers and her pretty pink bobbers are not innuendo. Craig is really happy he finally found a girl who likes to fish as much as he does.

Also, the YouTube comments are pretty good. This is a special song and it’s time we all honor it. Take your partner to the lake. Use this song to explain to your kids what sex is. Play this song for a friend who’s never heard it. Do your part in making sure “Fish” by Craig Campbell lives on. Because I “fishing” love this song (sorry for cussing).

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