Let’s meet TNM’s First-Ever Full Time Marketing Director

A quick Q&A with Brian Fairbanks

What has your involvement with TNM been to date?

I got sucked into the TNM orbit thanks to friends like Tracy Norwood and Alicia Hawkes. They kept yammering on and on (great PR work, guys!) about how great it was and I was living only a block away from the St. Claude location… so, it was kind of destiny. I stopped doing improv a couple years back but there wasn’t a Level 1 sketch class available at the moment, so I said, “What the hell, let’s do it.”

And then, somehow, exactly a year to the day later, I’m standing on stage with Chris and Tami, having already finished all five improv levels, and now graduating with the first-ever sketch class. The story between that isn’t as interesting, except to say that in those 365 days, I found myself becoming more and more involved in the promotion and just general word-of-mouth for my shows and others, trying to boost the theater’s profile. So, it’ll be a natural transition to doing this in an official capacity.

You’re the first full time marketing director of TNM — what are you most looking forward to?

I’m pumped to help troupes and stand-ups pack their shows, when it comes down to it. That’s the goal. Everyone at TNM deserves a big audience for their recitals, BETA shows, Midnight Mixtapes, you name it. I’m also excited to get to know everyone in Austin and bringing NOLA’s successes there, while obviously stealing all their great ideas for New Orleans.

What’s your favorite show at TNM?

I’m sure this comparison has been made before, but I’m not going to name my favorite child. Of course, we all have our favorite extended family members, though, and I consider The Franchise, All Together, Knockout, and Fuck This Week favorite cousins. Nothing says love to me like seething, jealous rage at how great everyone is doing with their sketch, standup and improv shows. Each time I bring someone to TNM who checked out another show with me previously, they always say a variation of: “That was a great show — even better than the last one.”

Everyone who comes to either theater walks away wanting to be involved in some small way, at least, it seems… which, uh… I guess that means everyone in Austin and NOLA is going to be an alumnus some day… which, in turn, means all shows will be free for all. That’s the totally realistic goal I’m going to work toward.