Liar Liar Celebrates 2 Years of Monthly Comedy Shows this Weekend

Chatting with Leah Muse and Karen Early about their comedy baby

Liar Liar is an improvised show in which two teams of three comedians compete to be the best liars. As the show goes on, each comedian tells personal stories & improvised lies & the other team has to guess which ones to believe or not believe. This show has been running monthly at TNM Austin for 2 years and this Saturday the milestone is celebrated with a killer lineup (Aaron Walther, Ariel Greenspoon, Carina Magyar, Chris Trew, Martha Kelly, Matt Bearden).

Comedy Underground chats with the show hosts Leah Muse and Karen Early:

What’s the most rewarding thing about running the show?

Leah: The most rewarding part to me is having guests trust us with out knowing what they are signing on for and then leaving being pleasantly surprised and impressed, wanting to do it again. Also, it’s pretty rewarding to do something creative and fun, monthly, with Karen.

Karen: Bridging the gap between stand-up comedians and improvisers and asking both groups to do something they’ve never done before. It allows everyone’s personalities to shine!

What’s the most challenging thing?

Leah: Booking a new cast every month that’s inclusive in all aspects.

Karen: Putting our show in the cast’s hands and hoping they’ll make it funny.

How do you wanna celebrate the 2018 anniversary?

Leah: Boxed wine and balloons.

Karen: Hers and hers matching sweatsuits.

Ready to go? Grab your tickets for this weekend’s big anniversary event here.