One Question For The Collective’s Final Show

The members speak before their last time taking the stage

Artwork by Sam Moodey

It was over two a half years ago that The Collective formed out of a group casting at The New Movement New Orleans. Coached by David James Hamilton, the group was a mashup of backgrounds, talents, and experience levels but the work on stage was anything but a mashup. Sharp. Witty. Hard-working. All of these words describe The Collective, a group of stunning improvisers who made each other better every single week.

We asked each member of the group one question before their final show on Friday May 12th in The Franchise.

What will you miss the most about The Collective?

Emily Slazer: It was a tough choice to decide to dissolve the project because there’s no guarantee I’ll find another troupe that I feel this close with. The Collective has that magic balance of comedic and personal chemistry, which is so hard to find.

Devin Howard: I will miss the family aspect and seeing all of the people who I have grown close to every week for 2 years.

Sam Moodey: If it were not for the Collective, I would never clean the front room of my house, for that is where we rehearse. I am forever grateful for this. I should also mention they are the funniest, smartest, and most honest people I’ve ever met, and will miss performing with them terribly.

Megan Staab: I have a pretty intense job, but The Collective has been the consistent highlight, the spark to my week for the last 2 and a half years. I’ll miss the magic and connection with these beautiful humans.

Dante Fuoco: As a troupe, we strived to rehearse weekly, and for 2.5 years I’m proud to say we rarely missed. We’ve treated improv as an art form, because it is — and we’ve had a lot of fun. From honest “stretch-and-confess” conversations to spellbinding pieces, we not only refined our craft but built supportive friendships. I will really miss my troupe mates — seeing them every week, laughing. I’m a better improviser, and better person, for having been in The Collective.

See their final show Friday May 12th, 9:00p, as part of The Franchise at The New Movement New Orleans.