Bulk Actions — Do More with Less in Comeet

Our newest update enables you to accomplish a lot with little effort, and better analyze your recruiting progress.

Bulk Actions enable you to take action and make decisions on multiple candidates at the same time.

Easily Select and Deselect Candidates

While browsing through candidates, you can select and deselect them by clicking the check icon.

Change Status

You have full control over who gets notified and when. Customize emails before sending them.

Complete Steps

Apply step details (Go/No-go decisions, Send notifications and other Admin. tasks) en masse.


Use tags to flag, group and categorize as a group. Create a tag such as “Reach out in Q3 18” to organize future activities. Easily add and remove it, then do a fast search when it’s time for the outreach.

Mass Emails Using Templates and Attributes

Mass personalization is now easier thanks to expanded dynamic attributes. Start off with a predefined template, create your own, or write emails from scratch.

Note: The ability to change the position of multiple candidates at the same time is coming later this year.

To learn more about bulk actions visit our guide. Hope this update pushes your productivity to a whole new level!