New Updates for Roles & Permissions in Comeet

At Comeet, we’re passionate about creating a flexible and collaborative recruitment and hiring platform. We’re excited to announce new updates to the roles and permission features and functionality for Comeet users.

As a reminder, Comeet has seven possible company roles. Each role has its own set of unique permissions which allow them access to certain actions and data. You can see more about the different roles in the image below. These company roles are broken down into recruiting and non-recruiting roles.

Recruiting roles include:

  • Owner
  • Admin
  • Recruiter
  • Recruiting Coordinator

Non-recruiting roles include:

  • Management
  • IT Manager
  • Member
List of Comeet Roles and their functionality.

Comeet Role Changes and Updates

These changes impact current and future Comeet customers and not job seekers or applicants within the Comeet platform. These updates are small changes but important ones allowing for a more customized and consistent user experience within the organization of company position and roles.WAOn the path to ever more platform flexibility, we’ve reordered and restructured both company and position roles as follows:

1. Owner & Admin Separation

We separated the Owner and Admin roles to allow companies to have admins who can’t see discreet positions unless part of the position’s hiring team. Owners can see all discreet positions.

2. Recruiting Coordinator Role Addeds

We added the Recruiting Coordinator role, which allows companies to provide recruiting coordinators with full position-level access except for budget settings related to salary and referral program details. Unlike Recruiters, Recruiting Coordinators can’t see the other positions in the company.

Recruiting Coordinators are included in the number of recruiting seats covered by a company’s subscription.

3. Coordinators Now Called Recruiting Assistants

Formerly known as Coordinator, the role for the person who schedules interviews is now Recruiting Assistant.

For more information visit the complete list of permissions for company roles and position roles.

Thank you for your on-going and trusting support of Comeet! Visit our Company Support page by clicking here.