A Klopp’s misjudgment or a right decision?

Before the Liverpool’s visit to Manchester City Jurgen Klopp has announced that Philippe Coutinho will not be included in Liverpool’s match day squad for Saturday’s visit to Etihad stadium. In a preview article ComeOnLads.com explained what would be the consequences of such decision.

Philippe Coutinho has been left our of Liverpool’s squad for the trip at Etihad and this prove to be a wrong decision — ComeOnLads.com.

“I decided to leave him out of the squad for City so we can use these four or five days for real and proper training. We got all the numbers from the Brazilian FA around the training and the intensity of training, it was all OK, but he played twice around about 15 or 20 minutes. He could have played 15 or 20 minutes again in the City game, maybe longer, but I think it makes sense for him to train. And by the way, he agreed completely; it was not that he said “No, I don’t need training, I want to play’ or whatever. It was a good conversation.”

This is what Klopp has said about his decision not to include the Brazilian in the Liverpool’s squad. Coutinho has returned from international duty with Brazil on Thursday and have already trained with Liverpool.

Coutinho is good condition, but need to train with Liverpool

During the transfer saga, which resulted in failure for Barcelona to bring him to Camp Nou, Coutinho hasn’t trained with the rest of the Reds squad and the official explanation for his absence was that he has had a back injury.

However, when Coutinho arrived in the Brazil camp last week, the team’s doctor Michael Simoni, who is also close friend of the player has said that his issues are caused by stress. Another medical official who examined Coutinho has said that he was in a “perfect condition to play”.

“Coutinho back problem? He is okay now. The back problem was a matter of stress, it was something emotional. The uncertainty about his future led him to feeling stressed. Everything is solved now. Coutinho and I are friends since years, I always treat his medical cases. All he needed was someone to give him a pep talk”, Michael Simoni.

If Simoni is right, then Jurgen Klopp’s decisions to give Philippe Coutinho another week to adapt, both mentally and physically, makes sense a lot. The German told the press during his pre-match conference that Coutinho is in a good mood and trained well, but he needed time.

“Phil came back the day before yesterday, but like Roberto, we sent them immediately home to get a few hours of sleep. We tried everything to organise as good as possible, as comfortable as possible, which is quite difficult in a week like this.

“Yesterday he was in and we had a very good talk, he was in a very good mood and his training was even better.

“But, I had to make the decision; it was so clear, we have seven games in the next three weeks. There will never be time to train, so we had this conversation. Before he went to Brazil, he couldn’t train for around about three weeks and that means we have to try to prepare him for the rest of the season and that’s quite difficult with our fixtures and our schedule.”

Liverpool should have been ready for an intense game at Etihad!