Patience on the pitch and solid defence to bring Man United trophies

This article has been published in on August 20, 2017. Whatever has been said inside, has happened. Read it, it worths.

Solid defensive performances could bring the Premier League title back to Old Trafford —

Antonio Conte’s Chelsea were the third best defensive performers last season, conceding 33 goals. Spurs have conceded — 26, while Manchester United — 29 goals. Despite having the second best defensive record in the Premier League last season, United finished sixth, 7 points short of the fourth place.

This season Man United are enjoying a very convincing start, so far. They have scored 4 goals at home during their opening game against West Ham and another 4, yesterday on their visit at the the Swansea City’s Liberty Stadium. If is very early to analyze the Man United’s game as they are yet to play against any top 10 Premier League team. It is also very early to make conclusions. There is one thing which is clearly visible in the United’s game, however.

Manchester United will be hard to defeat this season!

The Red Devils looks like a Jose Mourinho’s team now. Unlike other top 4 contenders, we’d expect Manchester United to make less mistakes in passing the ball. They will be tactically strong and will be taking their time on the pitch, waiting on their opponent to start making mistakes.

Last season United have been a group of players in development. Now they look like a team. Jose Mourinho has brought in players who would perform the way he wants them to do. Nemanja Matic has fitted into United starting eleven immediately and has already made Red Devils’ a more stable side. Roomful Lukaku would prove to be more efficient offensively than Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Man United are now tactically very strong side and I don’t see them dropping points before October 14, when they play against Liverpool at Anfield. I also think that if Liverpool don’t resolve their defensive issues soon, they risk loosing their home game against Man United, a fixture which they have drawn last season.

Man United’s opponents must be very impressed with the football played by the current Red Devils’ squad. In order to win against United, any team must be capable of scoring a lot of goals while at the same time being very patient and solid in the back. How many teams like those do we find out there?

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