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5th Mission Assignment & AMA Briefing 🚀

Thanks for being part of the Cometh Space Army, Crew Member. We are proud to count you among our Crew Members who helped us reach over 50,000 battles in total during the last few weeks alone. You helped us fix some mechanical problems regarding the weapons and enhance all the operations for a smoother coordination.

Thanks for your participation and devotion for all the missions we held until now. As you know, we are approaching the public release. We decided to change things a little bit by expanding the total prizes shared over a longer amount of time. Same as initially planned, but better.

📢 Galactic Councillor himself will provide you with all the information needed in the next briefing. It will be taking place on Monday 2nd of May 2022 at 6PM CET in our Discord channel. Take your seat by joining us there. 📢

Now is the time to introduce you to the next and last mission before going public and implementing the root mechanics into Cometh Battle. It will be a shorter one, so be prepared to battle as much as you can in a short amount of time.💥

Here is what you need to know:

  • Mission will last 4 days, from 05/01/2022 at 12PM CET until 05/05/2022 12PM CET.
  • A $5,000 prize pool to share between the Top 100 Crew Members.
  • Elo’s will be reset at the start date of the mission. A snapshot of the leaderboard will be taken at the end date of the mission.
  • Unlimited number of battles.

Prizes are going to be shared as the following:

TOP 1 : $800
TOP 2 : $500
TOP 3 : $290
TOP 4 TO 9 : $120 each
TOP 10 TO 20: $100 each
TOP 21 TO 30: $50 each
TOP 31 TO 40: $40 each
TOP 41 TO 50: $20 each
TOP 51 TO 100: $10 each

As usual, ranks are going to be auto-updated in our Discord Server through #5th-mission.

We are massively recruiting Crew Members to prepare for the public mission and what is coming next.

Become a Crew Member of the CSA right now. It is your best and last chance to master the majority of the cards for free (apart from base deck). This is also your chance to win cash prizes as a reward for your good work and your dedication. Who knows, maybe you will become the next best Crew Member among the CSA.

Tokens resources will also be enabled in the next release in order to craft card boxes, it’ll be the only way to own new weapons.

Enough said, seize your chance. See you there.

End of transmission.

Stay tuned for what is to come!

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