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Cometh ☄️ 4th Week: Rocket Science

The original Cometh design

Already 4 weeks that launched. 4 weeks of space exploration, asteroid mining and rewards rainmaking. Since launch, more than 250,000 $MATIC (≈$60,000k at today’s rate) have been earned by players in less than a month and rewards continue to flow into comets. We keep improving, balancing the game and releasing as many features as possible including the recent leaderboards that showcase the success of our Play-to-earn mechanisms. More than 1400 spaceships are currently mining Asteroids and reaping the rewards of the’s virtuous circle.

NFTs have never been as useful (and profitable?) as in cometh.

Top 5 Best spaceship so far

Quick recap of what happened last week before exploring what’s in weekly horizon.

What came last week:

In-Game panels:

  • Aavegotchi ships:

CNY mystery ships were minted and are still available to purchase in packs:
You will get 3 random ships with the following characteristics.
Reveal your mystery ships there:

Cometh is now on

Last week Cometh was the 2nd most used application on Matic/Polygon (in number of transactions), just behind Quickswap. Congrats to all the players for making this possible:

Missed any of these? Join our Telegram Announcement channel not to miss any news!

What’s coming next:

Rewards of the week:

A total of $20,000 will be distributed this week in the form of LP tokens and native tokens.

LP Token mining rewards will correspond to a % of the pool, which will allow you to earn a % on all trades of this pool. You can withdraw them at any time to receive a corresponding amount of $MUST and $MATIC on L2. You want to add: 0xa27eb3773135b1af1ae05dbc9530784acb69061d to your Metamask with the “Add Token” function to see them in your Metamask.

Three comets landed this morning; 2 comets charged with 66 UNIV2 WMATIC/MUST LP tokens and 1 comet with $MATIC rewards.

Next comets: as always, we adjust upcoming comets based on how fast the existing ones are being mined in order to balance the game as carefully as possible while minimizing the gap between each comet launch. Once this Monday’s comets will be done we will have a 30 minute window with no mining activity to apply… A patch! see below:

Jump bug fix:

  • What went wrong?

Math is hard, it’s even harder in the Ethereum execution environment that has trouble handling floating point. As you could tell from looking at Cometh there’s a lot of trigonometry involved in the game mechanics and sometimes the Ethereum Virtual Machine makes disadvantageous rounding. This can be particularly painful for players that jumps several times at close distance.

  • How did we fix it?

Apply a more precise way of calculating and getting rid of rounding errors. A fix will be deployed right after the comets released this Monday morning dries off. It will lead to about 30 minutes with no activity.

Quick liquidity farming on Quickswap

Quickswap launched liquidity incentives on plenty of pairs, you can check them out here:

Two $MUST pools are currently being incentivized:

Provide liquidity onto these pools to earn free Quick in addition to a % of all trading fees. You read it right, you can mine LP comets in game and deposit them on Quickswap for extra rewards! The rewards are likely to grow every week!

Cometh Spaceship Manager

Have you ever wanted to lend your spaceship ? Well, we got your back. We will release a Spaceship Manager for anyone willing to start a leasing operation. We know that the price of the spaceships has been a blocker for many players to join the game and this feature also opens the door to broader wallet integration.

Website improvements

The website is getting renovated this week to go from game teasing to game showcasing. It will put the emphasis on the collections, the player’s results and start teasing the DeFi primitives coming to the Cometh.

Upcoming collaboration… it starts with a P but hold on, we will tell you more tomorrow



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Cometh is a groundbreaking strategy game where players can win valuable tokens and that leverages the Decentralized Finance ecosystem