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Cometh ☄️ 6th Week: Sidereus Nuncius

The Nebulas of Orion and Praesepe, Sidereus nuncius — Galileo Galilei — 1610

Last week was a good rehearsal (refactor of game UI, and ComethSwap deployment), this week is an intense preparation (ComethSwap UI improvements, NFT leasing and multi-star system alphas) and next week will be the take off.

Since the launch of the 8th February more than $80,000 have been earned by Cometh players through their yield generating NFTs. Getting closer and closer to the 2,000 players mark, it’s time to get ready for the next order of magnitude.

Game Improvement, exploring the galaxy to reach Sol2 and Sol3

As initially explained in the Whitepaper, Cometh should have a maximum number of spaceships per solar system. Although no such limit is currently enforced and will be left to the MUST holder’s governance to decide, it was considered at a starting point to 1,000 both for balancing the difficulty of the game and for performance considerations.

what 1770 Spaceship actively mining looks like

Other major space agencies are experiencing the same issues:

Therefore we’ve been preparing a major update for players to explore other portions of the galaxy:

We are getting ready to open 2 new stars next week on which new players will better leverage their position and for the Cometh team to test new game mechanics on the asteroids.

Cometh Rental*: the inception of the Spaceship rental industry

After the launch of the DEX (ComethSwap) and the in-game integration of DeFi services, letting spaceship owners rent their NFT is the final milestone to achieve for Cometh to be a complete protocol. Spaceships are going to be more and more hard to find on the market and their current price is already making the game too expensive for a lot of players. Cometh will now have a platform for Spaceship rentals for the owner to keep their NFT at work and newcomers to have the option of growing an armada or cruising rare spaceships for much lower capital expenditures.

This feature was key to bring more passive yield generation opportunities to the NFT and a breakthrough in widening the access to the game. More importantly, it is also a necessity for the future PvP (Players vs Players) activity as competitive players need to have access to the best spaceships for the hardest challenges.

ComethRental* looks ready to roll but the team is still performing a few more tests to make sure everything will be perfect on prime time. It is expected for early next week.

Opensea on Matic/Polygon: Cometh joins the beta!!

It has been a painfully missing feature since Cometh stepped foot on Layer 2: there was no usable NFT marketplace. This period is over, Cometh is now supported on Matic Opensea. This version of the marketplace is a little different to his brother on the layer 1 but works exactly the same.

It notably features a built-in bridge for NFT transfers across layers and transfer functions. Check it out! It was merely opened yesterday but some Spaceships are already up for grab.

Having a NFT marketplace paves the way for the migration of the TUBE contract 🧪 and for future spaceship listings to be more directly on layer 2.

To celebrate this new milestone, a new small Spaceship collection will be launched, « Bring Bitcoin to the Cometh Galaxy »👀

“Watch it digs, look at that digging…”

ComethSwap: the next big thing

ComethSwap is going to be the leading decentralized exchange for DeFi on the layer 2. This will allow access to unprecedented portfolio opportunities to its users and major benefits to Cometh players. The liquidity mining operation will be announced Friday the 19th of March and will start Monday the 22nd. Get your LP tokens ready, here are two teasers:

*ComethLend became ComethRental



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