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Cometh ☄️ Mid-April 2021 update: Beneath the night

After major releases of ComethSwap, ComethRental and ComethDocs, it was time for the Cometh team to sit back, patch the existing and get ready for the next big comethwave. The team kept shipping, with big partnerships and liquidity mining programs maintained at the highest levels. Astrominers kept mining. CosmicLPs kept farming.

You $MUST keep yourself up-to-date, read this weekly recap and get ready for what’s to come!

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This week

  • New wave of liquidity mining with Aave interest bearing tokens and $360,000 rewards
  • New gameplay mechanics
  • Open APIs

Last Week

Last Week

ComethSwap liquidity Mining

Liquidity Mining Rewards on ComethSwap went LIVE for another crazy week with:

  • 26 Pools with up to 500% APYs
  • Pools rewarded with $MUST:

$AZUKI (DokiDoki)
$NDR (NodeRunners)
$AAVE (Aave)
$GHST (Aavegotchi)
$SDT (StakeDAO)
$MATIC (Polygon)
$JULIEN (Julien Bouteloup)

Check out the new batch of weekly rewards below!


We released the MUST awaited documentation for Cometh with:

Good recap thread on “All you need to know about Cometh Spaceships”:

Cometh x Alchemix Spaceships

Alchemix ft. Cometh, the perfect formula ⚗️ “ It was obvious to make a Spaceship collection together! Presenting: The “Wizards” collection.

Alchemix is one of the most promising DeFi projects out there, it’s super exciting to have them chime in on Polygon. Their designer did an amazing job on those NFT, can’t wait to cruise in one of those beautiful spaceships!
— Jerome de Tychey, Cometh architect

I’ve had the pleasure of creating a lot of atwork for the Alchemix brand but I definitely wasn’t expecting to be asked to create spaceships (especially those of the croissant variety!). It was a very rewarding process and also a pleasure to work with Cometh who were super supportive. Here’s to The Future of France(™)]
— Snape, Alchemix core team

  • “The Liberator” spaceship Auction went live and sold for Ξ9.013

  • Full Alchemix Collection for sale. Friendmaker soldout in 5min.

Couple of Croissant and Spacecrabs left for sale in the Forge:

Remember, when you buy from the Forge (Cometh Primary market on Opensea Layer1) you get 30% $MUST cashback directly sent on Layer2!

Cometh x Contest

We ran a Cometh x Spaceship design Contest and subsmissions were pretty amazing:

Submissions have been collected. Currently selecting the winners. Soon to be announced… Stay tuned!

Noderunners staking

A blockchain-gaming called Noderunners project listed our Spaceship NFTs for everyone to stake their Cometh ships on Layer1 in exchange for $NDR.
Not investment advice, stake at your own risk!

Various Improvements & features

Coming this week

Liquidity Mining Rewards with Aave interest bearing tokens

We’re kicking off another week of Liquidity Mining Rewards with Aave interest bearing tokens and $360,000 rewards (at current rates)
  • 40 Pools with up to 500% APYs
  • Pools rewarded with $MUST:

$AZUKI (DokiDoki)
$NDR (NodeRunners)
$AAVE (Aave) and ‘am’ tokens
$GHST (Aavegotchi)
$SDT (StakeDAO), xSDT (staked SDT) and “sd” tokens
$MATIC (Polygon)
$JULIEN (Julien Bouteloup)
$SUSHI (Sushiswap)
‘Am’ tokens pools: Interest bearing tokens issued from the AAVE Polygon Market

Thanks to ComethSwap, you can put your APYs on steroids via Layer2 by depositing tokens on AAVE, receive interest bearing tokens in exchange (the ‘am’ tokens) and deposit them into ComethSwap to receive additional APY and $MUST rewards.


  • Fiat onramps: Transak POC to onboard users with fiat (EUR/USD) directly on Polygon L2, to play the game without having to touch Ethereum L1
  • Cometh TheGraph: blockchain API for anyone to use and retrieve Cometh Data
  • Multijump: A new feature is about to improve meaningfully the jumping experience, less clicks for more jumps!
  • New DeFi integrations (Aggregators) & progress on Gameplay mechanics. Exploring options to test features with experimental SOLs…



Cometh is the first DeFi Layer2 powered blockchain game with yield generating NFT.
Cometh is building an entire Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem, starting with a game, a new decentralized and scalable exchange (ComethSwap) and groundbreaking projects such as Cometh Rental, the Refinery and the Melange (see whitepaper). Play now

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