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Cometh Battle: Get ready for the soft launch☄️


  • Cometh Battle will be released on December 20 for a short balancing period
  • This soft launch will allow refining of the game and feedback from the community
  • Gradual opening to a larger audience will follow on January and February 2022
  • NFT Crafting and Cometh Marketplace will be released early 2022
  • Register to the soft launch on

Get ready for space battles

Cometh Battle is a free-to-play tactical card game. Players must strategically combine ship and deck before confrontation and handle battle hazards. The game rewards the smartests in deck crafting and most agile in combat.

Cometh Battle is built on blockchain with play and earn mechanics. Players own their ship and cards, giving them the freedom to trade, sell and use their NFTs any way they like. Designed with a focus on fair competitive play, players unlock valuable resources through their successes in the game.

A fun, fair and competitive game

The battle system combines classic game mechanics with first of their kind blockchain elements. This new dimension in the Cometh universe are the premisses of a whole new story with ships, orbiters and a wide variety of new capacities. An initial set of 30 cards will constitute the initial collection that will be extended during the balancing phase.

Collect, craft and trade cards by playing games

Crafting is at the heart of the space combat economy. Cometh is introducing a new “resource management” and “item crafting” protocol entirely dedicated to on-chain video games.

Resources (gold, silver, platinum, …) are ERC20 Tokens distributed to the winning players and listed on ComethSwap. Cards are craftable NFT the players generate using those resources. The card properties are generated randomly with a transparent and verifiable on-chain system.

Cards have the most unique property of the whole NFT space: they kind be grinded and turned back into the resources used to craft them. As the volume of transactions increase on the crafting resources, the value of grindable cards increases as well.

Furthermore, recipes for special cards and variations can be achieved by involving third party NFT owned by the players.

TRADE Spaceships, cards and other Cometh goods on a dedicated Marketplace

Keeping track, collecting and trading can only be done within the proper peer to peer open market. As Cometh Battle opens up to a wider community of pilots, Cometh will have its dedicated NFT platform with advanced filter and search system, collection highlighting and a whole bunch of essential features to favor exchanges between players.

How to play?

Login with your wallet and voila!

Even if playing with a Free Mule is possible, we advise you to bring your best ship in the arena. It is likely that a Senator is efficient in attack, an Explorer is healed faster for example… Your choices will be decisive!

Apply to the waiting list

You must register on the waiting list (see and receive an activation email. The balancing phase is only gradually opened in order to the best optimize the game before global launch. Quests and challenges to get in will be announced shortly.

Before you start

  • Cards, decks, ranking and resources are very likely to be reset or modified during the balancing phase.
  • Email wallets are not supported during the balancing phase.

Cometh Battle: First step towards Cometh Beyond

We have built a first playable version of the Battle to share a glimpse of the future Cometh with our community. Space fights are meant to be a common way to settle disputes and loot unsuspectings explores in our future game Cometh Beyond. The whole team is excited to release Cometh Battle as a stand alone with rich mechanisms and competitive potentials.

Read the white paper to find out more and stay tuned on our discord for news and announcements!

Cometh is a DeFi powered game with yield generating NFT. Cometh innovates by leveraging the unique features of the blockchain to foster entertainment and to propose the best gateway to Decentralized Finance.

☄️ Waitinglist for the Cometh Battle:

☄️ Follow the updates & Demo:

☄️ Listing to Space tunes on Cometh’s Youtube channel




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Cometh is a groundbreaking strategy game where players can win valuable tokens and that leverages the Decentralized Finance ecosystem

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