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Cometh Battle Rental feature is LIVE 💫

  • Renting augments the utility of Spaceship NFT’s by allowing their owners to generate passive in-game rewards. This marks the end of idle spaceships!
  • No transaction cost is required when creating an offer as protocols work with off-chain signing and on-chain settlement.
  • Owners can create rental bundles with multiple NFTs, define a rental duration and profit distribution of their choice, and manage (automatically pursue or manually end) rentals through the platform: Rental Marketplace.
  • Owners keep their spaceship NFTs in their wallet and can continue to use them as long as the rental offer has not started.
  • Owners can also assign a rental to a wallet (Assigned offer) instead of listing a Public Offer on the Marketplace.
Public rental offer for a spaceship with a 15%-85% profit distribution between the renter and the tenant. Rental duration of 30 days with an entry fee of 2 MUST.
  • Spaceship Rental is an amazing feature that lowers the barrier of entry for all players. If you don’t have a spaceship NFT, it is no longer a problem. Just rent one and jump in the Play & Earn dimension of Cometh Battle.
  • The beauty of the Rental system is that no collateral is required from the tenant, making it super simple and easy to access.
  • Tenants rent on demand, and can start using their spaceship NFT as soon as it is rented, no need to wait!
  • Automatic expiration simplifies experience when the renting ends.
  • Last but not least, the rental system allows sub renting by design.
  • Crew Members already renting from a lender a spaceship can hand it over to a subtenant in exchange for a share of their profit distribution. This may be because they no longer have time to fight, or because they rented several spaceships at once, or for other reasons.
  • Subtenants can then fight with the spaceships for free, as there are no subtenant fees is required.
Rental scheme with a subtenant in the profit distribution. Only the subtenant can play with the spaceship and collects 18% of the total profit. 32% for sublender and 50% for lender.
  • Our Rental system was designed with guilds in mind.
  • Guilds can easily manage their fleet of spaceships, taking advantage of the rental and subrental features for their scholars.



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