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Cometh Battle — v0.11 Milestone 🚀

New features and UI/UX await deep in the Cometh Galaxy

Cometh universe is expanding — since our last milestone (v0.10), a lot has happened. Many battles have been fought, many victories won, and the losses — well, it’s all part of the Galactic struggle. Now, our Galactic Counselor has decided the Cometh galaxy needs some upgrades to become stronger than ever!

We’re happy to put in your hands the v0.11, which includes the new UI and UX, just for your pleasure!

Let’s see what to expect with the v0.11 milestone:

  • New Cometh Battle Home UI/UX: We have created a new page homepage that is easier to understand and navigate. Main changes include a reorganization of the menu, new icons, the highlighting of news, and the integration of the Profile Pictures. You can add one of your NFTs to your user profile to convey your values, character, and state of mind or simply showcase your NFT collection.
  • Spectator Mode: Players can now decide to allow spectators when they create a private game. It will generate a link that they can share and allow players to watch their game in real time. This is a great feature to livestream games to the Cometh community, whether it is a friendly match or the Grand Finals of the tournaments such as Starmageddon!
  • New Player’s Profile: We are enriching the Player’s Profile with new statistics such as the number of games played, win rate, and average duration of the games played. This is the very first iteration, and we will continue to evolve the Player’s Profile to share more and more valuable information within the community and player base.
  • News Screen: A news box is displayed on the Cometh Battle Home Page, so that you don’t miss any of Cometh’s hot moments (new tournaments, product updates, etc.) and happenings in the community, whether it is a friendly match, the Grand Finals of the tournaments such as Starmageddon, or social events and conferences in both the real and the virtual world!
  • Link between Discord & Player’s Profile: This feature aims to make your life easier: You will now receive rentals & marketplace notifications through a private discord channel. We plan additional usage for this feature in the near future.
  • Game Balancing: Orbiters with Taunt.
    All Orbiters with taunt (e.g. Turtle), will now draw in all opponent’s damage effects from Orbiters and from targeted damage cards.

With the new features and the new UI/UX, Cometh has now opened a portal into a new dimension with its V0.11 update.

Join Cometh, build new decks, battle, improve your decks and strategies, repeat.

See you on the #ComethBattle battlefield, Crew Member!

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