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Cometh Battle — v0.9 Milestone 🚀

We are witnessing lots of supply shortages due to conflicts between camps. Remember, the only fuel you need for your spaceships is your motivation. No shortage will ever happen with your spaceship fuel.

Since our last Milestone (v0.8), a lot has happened. The Galactic Councillor has hosted several briefings. Many space battlefields have been conquered thanks to your fighting skills. Missions have gone smoothly. And of course, tweaks and upgrades were made to your weapons.

Let’s dig deeper into what is happening in this v0.9 milestone:

  • Some tweaks have been made to your weapons:

”Care Lakh” is now burned after being played instead of going to the discarded pile.
”Magnetic Hook” now costs 2 energies instead of 1. It allows you to pick 1 of 3 orbiter cards in your deck and puts it in your hand.
”Hull Adoption” energy cost is now reduced to 2 instead of 3.
”Exile Essence Recycling” is now burned after playing.
”Phoenix” energy cost is now reduced to 2 instead of 3.
”Twisted Space Cost” energy cost is now reduced to 2 instead of 4.
”Orbiter Upgrade” energy cost is now reduced to 2 instead of 4.
”Desintegration” energy cost is now reduced to 2 instead of 4.
”Maintenance Staff” energy cost is now reduced to 3 instead of 4.
”Scavenger” Starts at 0 Power and 8 HP. Gains +2/0 when an orbiter is destroyed.

”Electric Coil” Selected orbiter activates each time opponent plays a card until the end of the turn.
Thornmail” Half damage received is returned to the opponent.
Time Shield” When destroyed, the orbiter resurrects with its initial stats. ”Reactive Shield” Gain shield equal to half the damage received. ”Antivirus” Cannot be targeted by debuffs.

Shadow orbiter” Cannot be targeted by opponent orbiters. In the end turn, deals damage to a random enemy, focusing on ‘support orbiters’ like Medic, Protector, Enhancer, and Flagship.
Metamorph” Copies the type of every next orbiter deployed.
”Hacker” Deployed to opponent’s fleet. Reduces the power of adjacent orbiters, except Flagships and Hackers. Malus is removed when the Hacker is destroyed.
”Turtle” Provokes opponent orbiters that will concentrate their attacks on it.
”War orbiter” At the end turn, add one [War Recruit] on the owner deck. ”Quantum Locked” Its power and effect are automatically equal to the last played card (limited to DAMAGE, SHIELD, HEAL).

Here are 15 out of 27 new cards. Interesting, aren’t they?
12 out of 27 new cards standing out from the crowd. Orbiter cards on the right part of the picture, new mechanisms on the left part, and the mythic card on the upper left.

With all these new features, has to come a new mission.

Mission 7 will launch on 06–09–2022 at 12PM CET. It will be in “open card library” mode. Which means you will be able to play and test all the cards, including the 27 new ones.

Join Cometh, build new decks, battle, improve your decks and strategies, repeat.

See you on the #Cometh space battlefield, Crew Member.



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