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Cometh Expedition to EthCC 5 ☄️

EthCC Takeaways

Last week, the Cometh Team attended EthCC 5 Paris, the largest annual European Ethereum event focused on technology and community. Since Cometh’s Galactic Chancellor Jerome De Tychey is also the president of Ethereum France, Cometh was there as one of the sponsors of the event.

This was an incredible opportunity to mingle within the ETH ecosystem, discover new projects, make new partnerships and enjoy parties with partners & community members.

It was three intense days of conferences, networking, learning and, of course, partying. Did we mention that Cometh had a Houseboat to welcome the Cometh crew?

Anyway — we had a pleasant time with the web3 enthusiasts, gamers and the Cometh crew members, and we wanted to share our EthCC 5 experience with you:

Houseboat Opening

A 15 minutes walk from the Maison de la Mutualité, where the EthCC conference took place, our ship, Cometh, was docked. Moored on the banks of the Seine, our crew was there, from July 16th to 22nd — ready to meet & host the EthCC attendants from various galaxies.

Pop-up Store

We also had a pop-up store on the Cometh Boat with exciting surprises.

Cometh recently launched a new collection of NFT Spaceships, which are bundled with luxury physical products in the colors of the Cometh brand and universe created in collaboration with exclusive brands Veldt, Massaro, LMDW, and Col&MacArthur — and they were waiting for you in our pop-up store on the boat. 😎

The exclusive collaborations that were in the pop-up store are:

  • Sound Wave spaceship (Common) x Vinyl of Cometh’s Soundtrack
  • Spiritus spaceship (Common) x Encantada Armagnac
  • Monolith spaceship (Uncommon) x Col&MacArthur Lunar 1969 Titanium Watch
  • Time Attack spaceship (Uncommon) x Veldt Helmet
  • Strider spaceship (Rare) x Massaro shoes 🌌

You couldn’t attend the conference, but still want to get the Cometh spaceship NFTs and their associated exclusive products? No problem — you can purchase them online at Cometh Shop

Find the PR Release on the new collection launch here.

After the Frozen Pastel de Nata and the Frozen Pretzel… Cometh celebrated its presence in force at EthCC by offering the Frozen Baguette NFT to all visitors of its pop-up store — a memorial piece from Earth to the Cometh Crew! 🥖

Frozen Baguette NFT

The Story of the Frozen Baguette

“The Frozen Baguette was caught by a human engineer out on a spacewalk and quickly identified as a bread product that was popular on Earth before the great Deglutenation movement of 2035.“

Galactic Preview of Captain Fit

Keep in mind that the EthCC week was the time to start unveiling the Captain Fit mini series.

“Space is tough. Space is dangerous, and I’m here to get you prepared for that. I’m going to make you sweat!”
Captain Fit

Why do you need this information? 🤔 Stay tuned, more to come very soon!

Captain Fit Trailer

The Future of Gaming Meetup

We welcomed you in our second “Future of Gaming” meetup. On the line-up, we had Jérôme De Tychey (COMETH), Gregory Marko (CHAINSAFE), Jonathan Brun (LIGHTHOUSE) and Ken Timsit (CRONOS) to tell you about their experiences and their vision of the web3 gaming future.

The event was followed by a cocktail, where you were able to drop by the pop-up area and see our different collaborations.

The Kick off of EthCC

On July 19th, the EthCC opening started with our Galactic Chancellor, Jerome De Tychey’s speech about the Open NFT Rental Standard.

Cometh Booth

We had a Cometh Booth in the conference area where we demonstrated Cometh Battle & Cometh vision, and distributed swag like the new collection of T-shirts featuring General Byeol, Karenator, Captain Apestasy, and OpionFeelGood, along with Cometh mugs, sunglasses and stickers.

Cometh EthCC Booth

Lots of events on the Cometh ship!

Cometh and its partners organized a bunch of exciting events on the Cometh Boat for the delight of Cometh Crew members and the entire web3 ecosystem!

From meet-ups and brunches to chess tournaments, it was an amazing experience — and StakeDAO, 0x, Beamer, DeFi Saver, GTON, Sushi,,, Gnosis, Ternoa and Blackpool made it so much more fun! And let’s never forget the amazing women in web3! Learning web3 and bubbles — what more does one want from a brunch?

Cometh Battle Announcements

The EthCC week was also the time for great Cometh Battle product announcements! We have updated the Card Library and the Game Balance, rebalanced the reward system, launched the Rental System, and started the Summer Tournament (Destination Uchore). For more information, check Cometh 2022 Summer Updates.

La Degen

Cometh also attended the La Degen party on July 20th — it was insane, to say the least. It is safe to say that the web3 world knows how to party 😉

Cometh x StakeDAO Auction

The Cometh EthCC week ended with the auction.

“Le France” spaceship NFT with the Cometh Col&MacArthur watch was purchased for 8 ETH. The earned funds will be donated to the Association of National Air and Space Museum of France (Le Bourget) which is one of the world’s finest aviation museums, both for the wealth of its collections and long history (1919).

EthCC was an intense, exciting event — We also attended many parties and hang-outs with web3 lovers & gamers that we do not have images from 🤓😎🤫 If you like what you’ve seen, join us in the next web3 conference and meet the Cometh Team! 🌌

For more Cometh updates and discussions:

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