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Cometh hitting Lisbon

Lisbon Blockchain Week Takeaways ☄️

Last week the Cometh team attended the Lisbon Blockchain Week bringing that GameFi energy to this part of the World together with some of the most prominent builders, thinkers and creators across the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

This was an incredible opportunity to mingle within the ETH ecosystem, discover new projects, make new partnerships and enjoy parties with partners & community members. LisCon, ETHLisbon, The Spot auction, and Treasure hunt with Blackpool Finance… are just the tip of the asteroid.

Many events, meetings and parties we’ve attended during the Lisbon Blockchain Week made us want to share with you some of what we experienced during this impactful week:

🚀 Treasure hunt with Blackpool

We partnered with Blackpool, Centrifuge, OVR,… to organize an amazing treasure hunt in Lisbon in the OVR Metaverse.

The hunt lasted for 36h covering the whole conference, from October 20th, 9 am, to October 21th, 9pm. Cometh ARtefacts were scattered across Lisbon and hunters were competing for a wide range of valuable NFTs! Sweat, laughs, race and NFT madness was all around the place, just like a high-stakes treasure hunt deserves.

The morning after — an exclusive Sca(n)venger celebration, with Hunt winners and partners brought even more energy:

🚀 Brunchpool

The Cometh team attended the Brunchpool on the morning of 22nd October, following the LisCon conference. The Brunchpool was organised by Blackpool Finance.

This time, exclusively, 7 winners of the city-scale augmented-reality scavenger hunt joined us on this amazing brunch event. Energy, feedback and The Sca(n)venger Hunters passion revived us from last night’s party.

🚀 IRL Auction at “The Spot”

We’ve partnered up with BlackPool to support an amazing Lisbon week finalization — with an IRL NFT auction!

Within an hour and a half we raised a total amount of 45.35 ETH from all the NFTs sales, resulting in a net 36.15 ETH (~$145,000 at the time of the event) for the charities.

Cometh has auctioned “Le France” a rare Eiffel Tower-shaped spaceship, The Future of France in all its splendor 🚀

The highest bid was 6.5ETH or more than $ 27,000 at the time of the auction! 75% of the proceeds are going to the Pond, a project with a cause beautifully explained by Daniele, the founder:‌

Beside Cometh, the auction was supported by: Centrifuge, SolidNFT, ARKE (well known in Cometh Galaxy for its Pickle and Aavegotchi collections), .arianee x Satoshi Studio, and Stake DAO, and our auctioneer from ORWL Avocats.

👉 Read more about the auction HERE or watch the stream at 00:35:45

☄️ And…

Web3, GameFi, DeFi community is a fun one! Besides regular, planned activities above, the Cometh team had a great time at parties and ad hoc events that happened all around Lisbon.

And, many parties and hang-outs with Web3 lovers & gamers we do not have images from 🤓😎🤫

Cometh is a DeFi powered game with yield generating NFT. Cometh innovates by leveraging the unique features of the blockchain to foster entertainment and to propose the best gateway to Decentralized Finance.

☄️ Whitelist for the ComethBattle BETA:

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Cometh is a groundbreaking strategy game where players can win valuable tokens and that leverages the Decentralized Finance ecosystem