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Cometh Leaderboards are Live 🏆

We announced it. We delivered it. Leaderboards for our game has been published:

Two dashboards for top 100 player or ship, updated in real-time, are now available.

  • By Players leaderboard data per player as of Friday 26th, 6PM UTC

Top 3 players earned a total of $13,487 combined (as of Friday 26th, 6PM UTC.) leaderboard data per ship as of Friday 26th, 6PM UTC

Top 3 ships earned a total of $3,394 combined.

Since February 8th, more than 250,000 $MATIC tokens has been distributed to more than 1,200 spaceships

  • A Leaderboard per guild (wink wink 🐌 force) will soon come.
  • NB: Only MATIC Tokens are included for now. LP Tokens (released with Friday 26th comets) are coming soon

Simultaneously, we pushed a statistics panel (jump, pull, mine) with your yield (%) and your earnings ($) for your entire fleet or for a ship in the game.

In-game statistics panel on

Check it out now on !

More data around is available in our Dune Analytics dashboard.

Any question, remark or feedback, join our Telegram and Discord, we’ll be waiting for you there!



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Cometh is a groundbreaking strategy game where players can win valuable tokens and that leverages the Decentralized Finance ecosystem