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Cometh Marketplace: Make Offers & Notifications

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Hi Crew Member,

The Cometh marketplace has been live for several months. The time has come to bring new advanced features to improve the experience of both buyers and sellers.

You can now make offers and receive notifications.

For buyers

  • Make offers on non-listed items. If you have high interested in an article (card or spaceship) that is not yet listed on the Marketplace, you can now make an offer. After you make an offer, the seller will choose to accept or decline it.
  • Make a bid on listed products. You can now bid at a lower price on a product listed for sale. The seller will receive a notification that it is free to accept or not.
  • Make multiple offers. You can even make various offers to numerous buyers on the product you are interested in, whether or not it is listed for sale.
  • The right price. Look at the offers made by other players on the item you are interested in and adjust your bid to win.

For sellers

  • Better Match. Look at the different offers on your item and choose the best one. You no longer need to withdraw your item and reoffer it with a new price to complete the sale. No more hassle!
  • Offer Dashboard. You can track offers on your products from a simple dashboard and accept or reject requests.

Now in addition to e-mail notifications, you can receive your notifications on Discord. It’s straightforward; just link your Discord account to the game profile page. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you will receive up-to-date notifications on all your offers.

Here are the steps to start Making Offers and receiving Notifications.

1) First of all, join the official Cometh Discord

2) Then link your Discord from your player profile :

3) Make sure to activate Direct Messages on the Cometh Discord (right click on the Cometh Discord server, then select Privacy Settings and Direct Messages).

It’s up to you now, Crew Member!

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