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Cometh Mission v0.2 🚀

Cometh’s brand new logo — welcome to mission v0.2, crew members

Attention to all Cometh Crew members,

In a world where cryptocurrency is spreading among chaos and uncertainty, you are aboard a spacecraft that’s leaving nothing to chance. You better know how to play your cards properly against enemies to complete your mission, crewmate.

The entire team is thrilled to embark with you on this special journey in the galaxy. To all great missions, great releases… (and a growing commander crew, we’re actively recruiting new motivated talents, contact us here!)


  • If you feel like you don’t have the right playing cards for your strategy, every now and then, spending 1 energy to draw a card from your deck may be a smart move. It is now possible and can change the entire duel when used skillfully.
  • You may also need to diversify your cards. 9 cards with different powers have been added to your deck builder. Play them wisely and you’re certain to gain advantage upon your enemy. Pew Pew! 🔫
  • Coordination is getting better and better for all the operations to go smoothly (basically UI and animations improvement, some fixes and stuff)
The 9 new cards added to v0.2

Let’s just zoom on a particularly interesting card for a second…👇

  • The Problem is Choice…

Isn’t it game changing? Yes? Humm… Good news! We’ll furnish you with some more weapons like these [VERY] soon (hello v0.3👋 ) !

Three new characters have been announced by Thomas — art commander — during the AMA we hosted in our discord channel. If you want to know more about their story and AMA recap, check this article.

In order not to miss such events, make sure you join other crew members there !

The 3 new NPCs who have been introduced in this post.

We’re planning a MASSIVE space expansion with tens of thousands crew members in the waitlist. We are waiting for 👉 YOU to start this journey.

Stay in touch, we have some more outstanding news coming (really) soon. Do not miss out on mission departure, become a crew member, grab your wallet address 🦊 and join the waitlist now.

Crew members, this was an announcement made by your transmission commander. Stay safe and standing to attention.

BTW: Be active and treat this mission seriously, commanders reward the best crew members.

Stay tuned for what is to come!

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