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Cometh Mission v0.3 🚀

Get ready to expand your decks

Quick update on our mission’s progress:

  • We are still actively recruiting talented technical React operators! Just contact us and we’ll work something out together.
  • Your deck builder has been upgraded, you may now choose your cards in a much more efficient and faster manner.
  • More cards! More weapons! You can never get enough of them. Eleven (+3 cards) have been added to your deck. Wondering why “+3”? Because you can now merge 2 belonging cards to create another one → Yin+Yang = Yin Yang. Other cards are created only once you play a specific card.
  • Since you are really good at battling things out, we decided to spice things up. The “Shield layering” card has been modified. Instead of doubling your shield, it now doubles your shield cards ONLY this turn.
  1. You can now filter cards by energy cost.
  2. You can also sort them by cost or name (ASC/DESC).
  3. Search bar. Should be crystal clear to you.
  4. The number of cards selected can now be seen at first glance (up to 2).
  5. Themes have been added to the labels. Even for your deck.
Right here are the 9 new playing cards with their 2 correspondant ones

Where are the others??

Let’s zoom in on these trio cards in a short demo video…

End of transmission.

Stay tuned for what is to come!



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Cometh is a groundbreaking strategy game where players can win valuable tokens and that leverages the Decentralized Finance ecosystem