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Cometh mission v0.5 🚀

Details are important, new spacesuit for Cometh logo v0.5

Attention please Cometh Crew Members,

This is an important announcement, so I need you to buckle up and be all ears. Galactic Councillor commanded a sooner than expected public release. Next weeks will be very heavy in terms of mission coordinations, troops collaborations, balancing and crew members onboarding. We surely won’t rush things out, but will certainly make faster moves to be all set up for the big mission in the next few weeks. The public mission. The space expansion.

Let’s take a look into this one. As usual, we’ve got your back with more weapons to equip your spacecraft. But we also tweaked some of them for better battles. We watch everything cautiously and take care of everything that needs our attention.

Here are the main points for this mission:

  • Spacecrafts are equipped with 12 additional cards. We are progressing towards our main goal of 300 cards.
  • In the previous update (v0.4), we introduced an orbiter feature that allowed to have several ones instead of stacking them up. With each one having their very own HP and Attack Power values. The maximum number of orbiters you can have is now set at 6. Choose them skillfully.
  • Small balancing has been made on several cards. Usually +1/-1 or 2 on effect value (Damages, HP, shield) and/or cost. Except for those: “Black Market” Adds 2 [Power Crystal] in your deck ****instead of in your discarded. “Rush” Opponent’s next turn will last 20 seconds instead of 30, and card costs 2 energy instead of 3. “Solar shield” Gain 9 Shields (instead of 5). Deal 3 damages to everyone but self. And “Energy Trap” Next card played by opponent will add you its energy cost [+1].
  • You now have a tutorial video in the main menu that will help new Cometh Crew Members. If you are a little more experienced, you may notice in-game music changes and UI effects.
The 12 new cards. Take the time to explore and handle them. Expect more very soon.

Here’s one of your new weapons caught on video:

Zoom on IA Reboot Card

That’s it for this mission regarding the spacecrafts and weapons upgrades. Expect us to deliver new versions weekly from now until the beginning of Space expansion mission. Wait a little more before going back to battles. I have one last announcement to make.

There’s going to be a 4 days mission with prizes soon. Only reserved to Cometh Alpha Crew Members. To become one of them you need to join the waiting list as well as the Discord Server. You wouldn’t want to miss such opportunities as they’ll become more important throughout the space time.

Back to battles now, Crew Members, stay amazing and defeat enemies.

Transmission Commander.

Stay tuned for what is to come!

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