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Cometh: Optimizing The Optimism

A DeFi powered spaceship game with yield generating NFTs.

Cometh is a groundbreaking strategy game where players can win valuable tokens.

Players compete to anticipate the movement of objects whose physics is based on the blockchain.

We have leveraged DeFi technology to create a self-sustainable virtual outer space. All the core features of the Ethereum blockchain play a role in Cometh which operates on an Optimistic Rollup layer 2 scaling solution.

DeFi 🦄+ NFT ⚗️+ Layer 2 🧪= Cometh ☄️

Valuable prizes create competition, and digital scarcity brings value.

These concepts will help us to show how powerful NFTs can be within the gaming world.

As our game runs on layer 2, there will be no expensive transactions to slow down the gameplay.

In the coming weeks, interested players can begin to prepare their armada of spaceships.

Players can visit our shop on Opensea and purchase NFTs for use in the game. The proceeds of the NFT sales will be used to create prizes for the players and distribute MUST ⚗️ as cashback.

Cometh Gameplay Preview

MUST ⚗️ is a token used to price in-game mechanisms. MUST ⚗️ can also be staked in the Tube 🧪 contract to redeem more spaceships. Players who wish to acquire MUST ⚗️ can purchase on Uniswap and will be rewarded in MUST ⚗️ if they provide liquidity to the ETH/MUST pool.

In order to speed up our progress and democratise access to our in game assets, we’ve joined forces with BlackPool, the first hedge fund focused on NFTs. We encourage any player who becomes proficient at our game to contact BlackPool to discuss opportunities.

In early February, Cometh will open its Optimistic Rollup Layer 2 based on Offchain Labs excellent Arbitrum technology. This scalability solution will be open to any dapp developer who is interested.

Along with the release of the first version of the game, we will launch a decentralized exchange in the style of Uniswap (Comethswap). This will handle the exchanges between ERC20, ERC721, and ETH between the Ethereum mainnet and the layer 2.

Comethswap will open with several token pairs with MUST ⚗️ and their respective liquidity pool tokens will be transferred to in game asteroids, where the players can mine them with their NFT spaceships.

Cometh is our answer to the problems that have emerged with the recent rise of DeFi.

The mass adoption we are all waiting for is hindered by a lack of accessibility due to high fees. Ongoing R&D options like EIP-1559 and Eth2 are on their way, but we can’t expect any major changes before at least 2022.

We believe that an efficient layer 2 on mainnet, access to standardized decentralized exchange with decent liquidity and a community of players collecting NFT is the perfect way forward to scale Ethereum NOW.

We MUST overcome this situation; we now have the technology to make a change. The whole industry was waiting for a solution to this problem, so we crafted Cometh to take up this challenge.

Discover the whitepaper here and the website.



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Cometh is a groundbreaking strategy game where players can win valuable tokens and that leverages the Decentralized Finance ecosystem