Cometh Spaceships NFT, Chinese New Year collection 🧧

Feb 22 · 4 min read

To celebrate the new year of the Iron Ox, we are releasing a special collection of spaceship NFT through virtual red envelopes containing random NFT Spaceships to be revealed later this week.


  • Chinese New Year spaceships available to buy on Opensea
    Monday the 22nd after 11am UTC
  • 888 new spaceships in 296 bundles of 3 random spaceships for 1.68 ETH
  • Random cards revealed on Friday 26th at 10AM UTC
Red Enveloppes 🧧 containing 3 random spaceships

This year is the year of the Metal Ox in the Chinese Zodiac. Last year of the metal Ox was 1961 and marked the start of the Chinese Space Program which successfully launch China’s first Satellite: Dong Fang Hong 1 (东方红一号)

Dong Fang Hong 1

To celebrate the new year of the Iron Ox, we will release a special collection of spaceship NFT through the traditional and virtual red envelopes.

Get yourself a mysterious Chinese New Year spaceship or offer one to your friends:

The Secret Tianzi Spaceships

Random Spaceship Card

A total of 888 Spaceships will be sold in bundles of 3 secret spaceships that will be revealed Friday the 26th at 10AM UTC (target block 11932338, countdown here).

The 296 bundles (296*3=888 Spaceships) will be available on Opensea for 1.68 ETH on Monday the 22nd after 11am UTC:

The spaceships of this collection are named after traditional Chinese literature and are inspired by this year’s zodiac sign.
The collection will be a new faction, the Tianzi containing:

  • 777 common “Journey to the West
Journey to the West Spaceship
  • 72 uncommon “Earthly Demons
Earthly Demons Spaceship
  • 36 rare Spaceships “Heavenly Spirits
Heavenly Spirits Spaceship
  • 3 mythic spaceships “ Three Kingdoms
Three Kingdoms Spaceship

After the purchase, the secret spaceships cards will be tradable individually until they are revealed (Friday 26th).

Cashback in $MUST ⚗️ will be distributed after the reveal and equally among each spaceship for 0.168 ETH directly from the layer 2 so as to save on gas fees (as announced in our weekly update). Yes you’re right, even a Common Journey to the West will give 0.168 ETH in MUST of Cashback 🚀.

Here are the stats of the Tianzi:

Tianzi Spaceships characteristics

About the randomness of the reveal

We will use the hash of the future block number 11932338 as a source of randomness and a reveal script which will be made public after the release of block number 11932338.
The reveal script is already coded and has the following SHA256 hash: a14d6c82fce072f6e3921717a7ea469c35bb1e9c82f9e5976527a217e27ba31d.

As it is designed, a mining pool won’t be able to manipulate the outcome of the reveal because the reveal script is not known to them. The Cometh team won’t be able to manipulate the outcome either because the reveal script because only one specific commit can be used and the block hash can not be known in advance.

About Cometh is the first DeFi Layer2 powered blockchain game with yield generating NFT. Cometh is building an entire Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem, starting with a game, a new decentralized and scalable exchange (ComethSwap) and groundbreaking projects such as the Refinery and the Melange (see whitepaper). Prior to Aavegotchi, Cometh also did a partnership collection with $MEME, one of the most prestigious NFT project in the place | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Coingecko (MUST)| Whitepaper


DeFi powered game

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