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Summer 2022 Updates for Cometh Crew

The time is finally here — we’ve got great news for you, Cometh crew! ☄️

We have many changes and updates planned for this summer and wanted to inform you about the process that Cometh has gone through in the past few months. For your next battle, you will need some assistance since our Build-Up phase is being finalized. 😉

In-Game Metrics

For starters, we’re thrilled with the community engagement, and we’d like to share some of the in-game metrics with you. We strongly believe transparency is the cornerstone of a strong relationship between players and game publishers.

We had a 33% increase of new players in Cometh Battle during the month of June compared to May. With the launch of our new onboarding system/in-game tutorial, we have had 566 new pilots that got their spaceship license by completing the tutorial. When it comes to the Daily Average Sessions, in June, Cometh’s Pilots were spending 61,2 min playing ComethBattle, and our Monthly Active Users remained stable with 3203 crew members in June. Additionally, Cometh Battle surpassed the 200,000 games played mark.

We’re glad to see a steady increase in most of our metrics and excited to see more and more players joining the Cometh Universe. Our team is hard at work developing new features for both veterans and new players. Stay tuned as we will share more updates around additional features later in the summer.

Card Library & Game Balance

Back to the roots!
From the 18th of July, 12:00 CET, we are going to close the open card library mode & activate the rewarding system — what does this mean?

During the 6-weeks “build-up” period of balancing and new feature releases, the game was in open-card library mode, with all existing cards available to players, and we distributed a $15,000 prize pool to partially compensate for the frozen rewards. With the rewards coming back on July 18th, we will revert to the original game state with a base deck of 40 cards for every player. You will be able to acquire additional cards by crafting them with the earned resources from playing Cometh Battle or purchasing them directly on the official Cometh Marketplace.

PS: Players who already unlocked 1 or more cards through crafting or direct purchase will keep them after the revert.

With 50 new cards coming into play in the past weeks, we have seen a lot of changes in the META, specifically around newly added battlegrounds. We will balance several cards in the following days to ensure various deck archetypes are viable in the highest level of play.

Reward System Rebalancing

While blockchain gaming is still in its early stages, we are aiming to create healthy game economics that benefits everyone. To achieve that goal, we have to make adjustments along the way. Keeping that approach in mind, we’re adjusting the resources gained per victory in the game, depending on the rarity of Spaceship you are playing with. These values are subject to change in the future based on the number of players and the state of the marketplace.

For details, check the tables below:

Old Reward System
Rebalanced Reward System

Rental System

You’ve waited a long time for this — and it’s finally here!

The Rental System is going live on July 18th, 2022. We wanted to create a simple and adjustable system for the owner, the tenant, and the guild manager, with full flexibility on the modalities of the rental offer (such as content, duration of rental, entry fees, and profit distribution).

Cometh Rental is a decentralized and open-source NFT rental protocol, a very smart solution to lower the barrier to entry for all players and to enhance NFTs’ utility for holders.

What are the benefits and key features for the owner and the tenant?

For NFT Owners

Renting enhances the utility of Spaceship NFTs by allowing their owners to generate passive in-game rewards. No transaction cost is required when creating an offer as protocols work with off-chain signing and on-chain settlement. It’s worth mentioning that owners keep their spaceship NFTs in their wallets and can continue to use them as long as the rental offer has not started. They can create rental bundles with multiple NFTs.

For Tenants

The beauty of the Rental system is that no collateral is required from the tenant, which makes it simple and easy to access. Tenants rent on demand and can start using their spaceship NFT as soon as it is rented, no need to wait! The automatic expiration simplifies the experience when the renting ends. Last but not least, the rental system allows sub-renting by design.

Rental Features

NFT holders or potential tenants It’s up to you to join and try renting!

Summer Tournament

It is a busy summer for the Cometh galaxy — The summer tournament is getting bigger, stronger, 💪 and even more rewarding: The total prize pool will reach $ 15,000 USDC, and the grand champion will be added to our Hall of Fame, with their name remembered forever.

While we still work on the fine details, you can expect more about format, dates, and prize pool repartition later in the week.

Happiness is only real when shared. We are happy to have the Cometh crew to share our growth, and we thank you for being with us! ✨

We will keep building the Cometh Galaxy — in the meantime, crew members, go back to battle.



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