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ComethSwap Liquidity Mining: The DeFi Adoption Manifesto

The DeFi Adoption Manifesto

Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on layer 2 is urgently needed. The current cost of transaction fees of Ethereum makes it very difficult for most people to swap tokens, let alone to participate in the Decentralized Finance ecosystem.

This unbearable situation must stop, while adoption of Ethereum needs an entry point that is transaction cost friendly and gives access to all the groundbreaking DeFi strategies.

ComethSwap is going to be the leading decentralized exchange for DeFi on layer 2. Upcoming is unprecedented access to decentralized finance tokens at the lowest transaction cost ever achieved.

Liquidity Mining Announcement

Comethswap is an open DEX where anyone can list an ERC20 compatible pair. In order to attract liquidity to Comethswap, specific DeFi related pools will be incentivized starting Monday. The liquidity providers will be distributed MUST ⚗️ tokens without vesting. The pools and list of tokens available for trading at Comethswap is set to grow swiftly and steadily.

For the opening week we are excited to partner with Stake DAO, the most used protocol for automated investing on Ethereum. Stake DAO proposes three strategies leveraging BTC (~1.6% APY), USD (~11.5% APY), and EUR (~27% APY) pools. Comethswap users will have the opportunity to get exposure to the corresponding yield generating tokens (sdeursCRV, sdcrvRenWSBTC, sd3Crv) without the hassle of depositing into the corresponding smartcontract on Ethereum. Hundreds of thousands of gas fees are saved in the process.

About the MUST ⚗️ token: this ERC20 token fuels the Cometh Metaverse economics. MUST ⚗️ can be used to play Cometh, rent a spaceship NFT, stake to mint NFT etc. Learn more about MUST ⚗️ on the links bellow:



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Cometh is a groundbreaking strategy game where players can win valuable tokens and that leverages the Decentralized Finance ecosystem