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Doki and Azuki flying in the Cometh Galaxy ⚗️

Excited to launch the Lunarella collection with DokiDoki in a Cometh-branded DeGacha. This collaboration pushes one step further the limits of cross interactions between NFT projects on Polygon.


  • DokiDoki spaceships and collectibles to be minted as NFTs and redeemable via a DeGacha, a Decentralized Gachapon Machine on Polygon, built by DokiDoki & Cometh teams.
  • DeGacha Spin price is 300 Azuki. Opens on May 10th, at 2PM GMT
  • Spaceships, in the form of “tickets” will be redeemable on, directly on L2 (Polygon) and will be usable on
  • Auction of the Mythic spaceship “Higashi” on Opensea opens on May 10th, at 5PM GMT
  • AMA with DokiDoki team on their telegram on May 10th, at 5PM GMT
Cometh DeGacha

How the DokiDoki+Cometh DeGacha works

  1. Buy your NFT ticket in the Cometh-branded DeGacha machine (Never used the Polygon Layer2? Read this guide. ). Opens on May 10th, at 2PM GMT

2. Go on to exchange your ticket for the corresponding Spaceship

Cometh Kiosk

3. Go on to send your spaceship in the Cometh Galaxy to mine juicy comets. (To start playing, you need 1 spaceship and a small amount of $MUST, Full guide here)

About the Lunarella spaceships collection by DokiDoki

  • One Higashi Mythic spaceship to be sold in a 24 hours auction on Opensea (Mainnet) (Starts on May 10th, 5PM GMT).
  • The full collection will be released in the Degacha machine (Opens on May 10th, 2PM GMT)
  • Add liquidity in a MUST/AZUKI and MUST/DOKI pools on ComethSwap (L2 Dex) and distribute the liquidity pool tokens in game
  • MUST/AZUKI and MUST/DOKI LP tokens will be sent on an DokiDoki shaped asteroid for the players to mine rewards with their spaceships
  • MUST/AZUKI and MUST/DOKI LP rewards go back to players (spaceship holders) and liquidity providers.

Spaceships will be minted as follow:

Spaceship Tickets via the DeGacha

300 Konpeito common spaceships

These tiny raiders are not seen as a substantial threat towards most targets on its own, however as their number grows, so does the the collective firepower. It was said the total of Konpeito in existence could rival the number of stars itself. Despite being the most common of the ships within the Doki fleet, they are still extremely important units utilized daily by the Lunarellan people. Unlike the other ships, the Konpeito have been created to be fully AI-operated.

Konpeito candies was final gift Azuki had given Doki when the time comes for farewells, and memory of its tart sweetness soothed the sadness of that memory. Doki certainly has a certain fondness for Konpeito ships. It was a reminder of their promise to meet again once more. It was undoubtedly something she wanted to remember for sure.

Spaceship Tickets via the DeGacha

30 Ramune uncommon spaceships

There were many similarities that tied the Ramune to it’s soft drink counterpart. The most obvious identifying feature being its shape. While it’s barest of resemblance to the iconic soda bottle has been noted, the Ramune is also known to possess a considerable amount of processing power for minting purposes. Equipped with the standard Lunarellan impulse drive, this ship could be seen fizzing across space with relative ease.

At first, naming the ship Ramune wasn’t the first thing that came into mind for Doki. But recalling the way Azuki had excitedly talked about her wish to travel in space, it had simply clicked into place. She fondly remembered the little Ramune bottle in Azuki’s hand flying through the air, only now it is the name of a full-fledged ship. Doki couldn’t wait for Azuki to see it, knowing how Azuki’s eyes lit in excitement would make Doki feel delighted.

Spaceship Tickets via the DeGacha

3 Anpan Rare Spaceships

With the benefit of being able to traverse the vast emptiness of space between various star systems, the Anpan was fitted with the capabilities of faster-than-light travels which undoubtedly became an irreplaceable tool for the Lunarellas. Equipped with triple thrusters that guarantee the propulsion and maneuverability of the highest standard, the amount of travel Anpan brings to the table is like no other.

Seeing a ship given such power and energy, Doki was immediately reminded of the taste of Anpan. Specifically the Anpan she had on an empty stomach, the very one Azuki bought from a kind elderly lady by the road and given to her. Many would see it as a simple snack, but it energized her for the entire day. It mirrored Azuki’s constant burst of energy, and her ability to brighten up the days of the people around her.

1 Higashi Mythic spaceship auctioned on Opensea

Higashi is the premier Lunarellan battleship designed to counter the superior space fleets from enemy colonies. It was considered the only vessel worthy to be powered by the Lunar core that can only be found deep within the Moon City. One would think the name Higashi would not be befitting for a ship of such caliber, but for Doki, it was possibly the best way to describe the magnificence felt the moment she laid her eyes upon it.

The ship was made with strength and superiority above all in mind, having the most firepower within the fleet. As the flagship, Higashi is not only in possession of the most powerful weaponry available to the Dokifleet, her defense systems are also nearly flawless. It perfectly matched the strength Doki found within herself when Azuki first approached her time of need.

The “Lunarella” Spaceships shall be minted with the following characteristics:

In addition to Spaceships, wonderful Astronauts will be added to the machine, they’ll be minted as follow:

150 Promo Azuki Spacegirls

Doki never expected things to turn out this way back when she first landed on Terra. Call it a child’s foolishness and one could only blame her endless curiosity of this planet for getting her lost in the streets. More importantly, Doki didn’t think that she would end up becoming so attached to a Terran girl.

150 Promo Doki Spacegirls

Bright-eyed Azuki had always dreamt about going to space. From her shelf filled with little handmade rocket ships made out of Ramune bottles to her bedroom ceiling decorated with glowing stars, it was no mystery to everyone that Azuki’s motivation to exploring the galaxy is by no means a fluke. Her fascination with what’s beyond intensified further the moment she met a certain girl with hair that reminded her of the lovely moon.

50 Rare Promo Doki and Azuki in Space

Azuki was finally back here on Terra, on the promised day of the reunion. Will you travel this wide world with me? I promise we’ll always be together. They will never ever be apart.

Indeed, it will soon be time to add pilots into the spaceships 😃. In the near feature these pilots will be give more value to your spaceships and unlock special feature, keep posted, that’s just the beginning 😆


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