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Eagle’s Rest Tournament Format Rules & Guidelines

Recruitment begins

[Transmission start]

Destination: Uchore, while a valuable mission, was a diversionary tactic by the Wizard Aquila. While all eyes were turned to the edge of the universe, he executed a plan to stealth land his ships on Von (new human home planet) and the seven Prime colonies. It has now been revealed all defense personnel have been replaced by clones under his control. The human colonies are now effectively Aquila’s, with all ships and military lost to him.

Only the off-world ships remain free from his clutches. An alliance of the Free Fliers has formed, hatching a plan to take out Aquila’s dark-matter fiber network which has become ubiquitous throughout the sector. It is hoped that by cutting this off at the source that the clones will be disabled and his operation thrown into disarray.

Aquila’s adopted home planet, Eagle’s Rest, in a remote star system (a small former mining colony), is the target of this operation. The Free Fliers need to find the ultimate pilot capable of evading the planet’s defense perimeter and destroying the heart of his comms base.


1.Player Rules and Requirements

Participation in the Operation Eagle’s Rest Tournament.
Operation Eagle’s Rest is a single player based competition. Each competing player must be an Eligible Participant.
An Eligible participant is a natural person and can not be registered more than once to the Tournament, including under a different username.

Guild Name and Player username.
Guild names must be deemed appropriate by Cometh. Cometh reserves the right to ask Guilds to change their name or to directly change Guild names that are seen as unfit for the Tournament.

Player’s usernames must be deemed appropriate by Cometh. Cometh reserves the right to ask Players to change their usernames or to directly change usernames that are seen as unfit for the Tournament.
Cometh may also insert Player’s Guild Name as a part of the Player’s username to enhance the viewing experience for fans.

All participants are required to join the Discord server: where you can contact admins and players alike
regarding upcoming and in-progress tournaments.
1. Discord can be used both in the browser and as a desktop app
- To initiate a Playoffs match, registered players can find their opponent username on the match page. This will allow direct contact in regards to games and hosting details.

  1. The match pages are generated after the check-in period has ended and can be found by clicking on pairings in the tournament bracket.
  2. If a match is due to begin and the opponent does not respond to Discord
    within 15 minutes the match will be forfeit. A tournament admin will be required to confirm any forfeited match.

2. Structure of Operation Eagle’s Rest

Operation Eagle’s Rest Format.

The Tournament will be played in two parts, three Free Fliers Cups and a Freedom Strike.

Free Fliers Cup format

Free Fliers Cups will be played in two parts, a regular play phase and a playoff bracket.

The ranked leaderboard as well as the players Elo will be reset on each Free Fliers Cup start date:

Free Fliers Cup #1: 16–09–2022 at 12PM CET
Free Fliers Cup #2: 30–09–2022 at 12PM CET
Free Fliers Cup #3: 21–10–2022 at 12PM CET

Regular play phase will run for 7 days for each Free Fliers Cup:

Free Fliers Cup #1: 16–09–2022 at 12PM CET to 23–09–2022 at 12PM CET
Free Fliers Cup #2: 30–09–2022 at 12PM CET to 07–10–2022 at 12PM CET
Free Fliers Cup #3: 21–10–2022 at 12PM CET to 28–10–2022 at 12PM CET

Players can play an unlimited amount of ranked battles during that time. At the end of each Regular play phase, the top 16 players in the leaderboard of the ranked play mode will qualify for the Playoff bracket.

In case of a tie in the leaderboard, rankings will be determined by the win rate ratio of each player during the mission, then by the results of head-to-head confrontations and finally the win ratio of tied players versus the other Top 16 participants.

Playoff bracket play will consist of a single elimination bracket with 16 players played over two days in a best-of-three format at the following dates:

Free Fliers Cup #1: 26–09–2022 & 27–09–2022
Free Fliers Cup #2: 10–10–2022 & 11–10–2022
Free Fliers Cup #3: 31–10–2022 & 01–11–2022

Player’s seeding will be determined by their rank in the leaderboard. When a match begins the player with the highest seed will decide if he wants to act first or second in the first game. After that, the loser of the previous game gets to choose if he wants to act first or second in the following game.

After each Free Fliers Cup, Players will be awarded points based on their ranking in the Playoff:

  • Top 1: 20 points
  • Top 2: 15 points
  • Top 3: 10 points
  • Top 4: 8 points
  • Top 5–8: 6 points
  • Top 9–16: 2 points
  • Top 17–50: 1 point

After the 3 Free Fliers Cups, the Top 16 players with the most cumulated points will qualify for the Freedom Strike. In case of a tie in the amount of points, rankings will be determined by the following rules (based on Free Fliers Cups Playoffs matches), ranked by priority order:

  • Number of Playoffs played
  • Total number of wins
  • Net Score (total number of wins — total number of loses)
  • Head-to-head
  • Sum of total wins of their opponents
  • Sum of Net score of their opponents
  • Best-of-three (if needed)

Freedom Strike Format

The Freedom Strike will be played on 07–11–2022 & 08–11–2022 in a double elimination bracket. Matches will be played in a best-of-three except for the Grand Finals which will be played in a best-of-five. For the Grand Finals, the Player coming from the Winner Bracket will be granted one point advantage in the match.

Playoff & Freedom Strike Bracket rules; Match Details.

Playoffs & Freedom Strike participants are required to create an account on While doing so, they must supply their Cometh username as well as register their personal wallet crypto. All players must have their correct username entered as their Operation Eagle’s Rest username. Cometh accounts must be owned by the player wishing to use the accounts mentioned to compete. Playoffs & Freedom Strike matches will be displayed in the Operation Eagle’s Rest Tournament page on the

All participants are required to check-in 15 minutes before the tournament start — any participant failing to check in will be replaced automatically by a player in the waiting list. Participants in the waiting list must also check-in to be eligible as replacements.

In each Playoff or Freedom Strike match, two players will compete against each other by playing Cometh battle on the Cometh server operated by Cometh.

Matches will be played in the “Private” game mode.

Before each game of a Playoff or Freedom Strike match, players must ensure they have selected the correct deck. Wrong deck selection is not a valid ground for a rematch. Any attempt to rematch a game based on wrong deck selection will result in a default loss.

Cometh in its sole discretion, may require that a game or match be paused,
suspended, replayed, or forfeited by a participant in the event that one or more participants lose their connections or the game is otherwise affected by abnormal technical or nontechnical issues, or based upon violations of the Specific Rules or otherwise unfair or unsportsmanlike conduct.

Prize Awards.

The participants that successfully place in a Free Fliers Cup will receive the
following monetary prizes:

  • TOP 1: $420 USDC (After Playoffs phase)
  • TOP 2: $270 USDC (After Playoffs phase)
  • TOP 3: $180 USDC (After Playoffs phase)
  • TOP 4: $120 USDC (After Playoffs phase)
  • TOP 5 to 8: $60 USDC each (After Playoffs phase)
  • TOP 9 to 16: $48 USDC each (After Playoffs phase)
  • TOP 17 to 30: $24 USDC each
  • TOP 31 to 40: $18 USDC each
  • TOP 41 to 50: $12 USDC each
  • TOP 51 to 100: $9 USDC each
  • TOP 101 to 150: $6 USDC each

The participants that successfully place in the Freedom Strike will receive the following monetary prizes:

  • TOP 1: $1500 USDC
  • TOP 2: $1000 USDC
  • TOP 3: $700 USDC
  • TOP 4: $480 USDC
  • TOP 5 & 6: $280 USDC
  • TOP 7 & 8: $240 USDC
  • TOP 9 to 12: $200 USDC each
  • TOP 13 to 16 : $120 USDC each

The awarding of prizes is void where prohibited or restricted. No purchase is necessary to enter the Operation Eagle’s Rest tournament. National, state and local taxes, including VAT taxes, which are associated with the receipt or use of any prizes are the sole responsibility of the winner. All cash prizes will be paid in USDC. Prizes are not transferable. No substitutions or exchanges (including for cash) of any non-cash prizes will be permitted, except that Cometh reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value for any non-cash prize. All Eligible Participants must be verified by Cometh to ensure their eligibility prior to being declared a winner and/or receiving any prize. Display of statistics in the game (e.g., on a leaderboard) during the Operation Eagle’s Rest does not entitle any Eligible Participant to a prize.

In the event of a dispute as to the identity of any winner, Cometh will resolve the dispute using direct message on the discord server. Cometh will post a list of winners on the official discord server no later than seven days after the end of Operation Eagle’s Rest. The list will remain available for at least six months on the server .

Specific Rules

Bugs & Exploits
Any use of a known bug or exploit will result in the participant using the bug or exploit being ineligible to any prize for the ongoing match. Any use of bug or exploit will result in a default loss. Cometh as its sole discretion may apply additional sanctions.
2. Known bugs and exploits are defined as anything made known previous to the game in question by the administrators or any report that is public on the official bug report discord channels or any form of social media.

Players must compete to the best of their ability at all times. Any form of
cheating by any Participants will not be tolerated. All Participants are prohibited from influencing or manipulating a Tournament game or match so that the outcome is determined by anything other than its merits. Cometh may install software on computers used in physical events that is specially designed to detect cheating. Examples of cheating would include:
▪ Collusion, match fixing or any other action to intentionally alter, or attempt to alter, the results of any game or match
▪ Attempts to interfere with another player’s connection to the game service
through Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) or any other means
▪ Tampering with the entry process or the operation of the Tournament
▪ Allowing an individual who is not the registered owner of a Cometh
Account to play on that Cometh Account in Battle Cometh or any other Cometh game.
2. If someone asks you to bet on any Tournament game or “fix” the outcome of a game, you must immediately report this contact to Cometh using the official discord server.

Illegal and Unethical Conduct
Participants are required to observe all laws applicable to their participation in the Operation Eagle’s Rest, including all games, matches, media events, autograph signings, photo sessions, sponsor events and other gatherings or events occurring with or as part of the Operation Eagle’s Rest
2. A Participant may not, during the Operation Eagle’s Rest, commit any act or become involved in any situation or occurrence which brings him or her into public disrepute, scandal or ridicule, or shocks or offends the community, or derogates from his or her public image or reflects unfavourably upon Cometh, Battle Cometh or any of the other products, services or sponsors of Cometh

Spectating and streaming.

All spectators are prohibited. Any sanctioned spectators such as tournament admins and/or affiliated streamers may not be rejected by the teams. Participants cannot spectate Operation Eagle’s Rest games.

[Transmission end]

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