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From ink to NFT, Journey to the first Cometh comics with Julien Hugonnard-Bert

Celebrating the upcoming first large scale eSport tournament on blockchain, the Cometh team is delighted to start expanding its lore and to continue collaborating with top tier artists. Today is the release of the first comic book page by Julien Hugonnard-Bert is a French illustrator and comic book artist. Julien’s previous works include inking books for Avatar Press, Dark Horse, DC and Marvel. He contributed to major series like X-Men, Crossed: Family Values, Star Wars and INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US YEAR TWO. He continues to provide interior art, covers and illustrations to French and American editors for use in both publications and merchandising. Currently he is working on Apollo and the Shades, his own crime comics series featuring a glam rock band, groupies, cops and murders.

Let’s learn more about his work!

Can you tell us about your journey as an artist and how did you encounter blockchain technology?

I am a self made artist. I studied in an engineering school… But art and comic books have been my passion since I could read! That’s the reason why I decided to give myself a chance after working as a mechanical engineer for 5 years. It was in 2008 and I started inking comics for French and American markets. I used to work on paper with pencils and ink… Technology was very different back then! It was almost impossible to work digitally. Nowadays, I like using both methods and I tend to think both are complementary.

That’s when I was sharing my story to a group of friends, one of them (SamGa₿_G), told me about NFTs. For me, blockchain technology was very cryptic and just made for financial reasons. I had no idea we could use it for digital art (among many other things).

How did you find out about Cometh ?

I owe a lot to Sam. He acted as a go between and introduced me to Cometh. It was a real challenge to create comics and illustrations for this game. I had to create characters, design costumes, imagine alien races… That’s a whole universe to expand, a marvelous opportunity for an artist!

What opportunities do you see as an artist in the NFT realm ?

Being a comic book artist, I use digital apps for pencils, ink, color and the ultimate goal is to print it on paper. Even if we use new technology, comic book art is very traditional because it has to look like paper. The NFT realm allows me to experiment, get rid of the constraints due to printing and distribution… I can use all possibilities digital art has to offer: changing colors, extra long panels, variants, movements… The sky is the limit!

Tell us about your creative process, was it different to work on a NFT?

The action of drawing itself is not really different. I produced a layout to share my ideas, some pencils to build the characters… But I knew I could use all the color variations I wanted without thinking the printing could damage the result. I knew what was on my screen was the result people would see at home when they read it!

Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to share with us?

I’m doing commissions for fans, I teach drawing in a FX, anime and video game school in Paris but I’m also working on comic book related projects. One for a publisher and another one by myself. It’s called Apollo and the Shades. It takes place in 1970’s NY with a glam rock band, groupies and murders. And the NFT realm offers me food for thoughts for this last project. Will it be on paper only? Is it possible to imagine a special edition as NFTs? That’s really exciting to think of what the opportunities can be…

This short story marks the beginning of a thrilling crypto space opera. Tje full color comic book page by Julien Hugonnard-Bert will be auctioned as an unique NFT on Opensea, check out The Cometh Files — First Edition [Color] today the 7th of July at 5:00PM UTC for 48hours! Check it out:

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